Florida Woman, 85, was killed by an alligator while out walking her dog.


An old woman was killed by an alligator while out walking her dog, and her efforts to save her dog cost her her life.

The incident occurred Monday at a retirement complex in Fort Pierce, FL, when the beast leapt at Gloria Serge, 85. The gator allegedly attacked the dog first, but Gloria was not about to give up her pet without a struggle.

TMZ Reports

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Serge was knocked over during the fight, and the alligator grabbed her by the foot into a nearby pond… where she drowned. Not long after that, the authorities were summoned to capture and kill the gator.

Pictures provided by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department show police straddling and tying up the reptile as they prepared to carry it away in the back of a truck.

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This one was estimated to be 10 feet long and was eventually euthanized… while the dog lived.

Gators, as we all know, are plentiful in Florida and quite hazardous. In 2016, a toddler was killed in similar circumstances at Disney World.

700-pound alligator kills Florida woman
700-pound alligator kills Florida woman| TMZ