Friends With Benefit Relationship : Ultimate Discoveries | Pros and Cons

Friends With Benefit Relationship :  Ultimate Discoveries | Pros and Cons
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Friends With Benefit relationship is one in which two people are physically intimate with one another, yet they’re not committed to each other in any way.

No romantic gestures is involved in this type of relationship just pure lust and crazy trust between two friends– to engage in sexual activity without fear of hurting the other’s feelings.

A lot has been said about having a friends with benefit due to the fuss of keeping a real relationship.

With many people thinking that a sole relationship comes with too many complications, more people in recent times are embracing the idea of a friend with benefit relationship instead.

Knowledge is important especially when it involves a #FWB kind of relationship. before you engage in one you need to understand this facts.

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  1. You have no tittle.
  2. You rarely go out on dates.
  3. Date plans are usually last minute.
  4. You avoid discussing the future plans.
  5. Texting is your main form of communication.
  6. You may or may not meet their friends.
  7. No pictures together or good memories apart from the sex thingy.
  8. You will still attend important events solo, most don’t need that kind of publicity.
  9. You feel 50% confused most of the time.
  10. The only thing you both have in common is good sex (Hopefully).
  11. Everything is private nothing is public.


Men most times have this uncontrollable urge to satisfy there flesh and many would testify to this truth. Unlike the ladies who are good pretenders and are keen in managing there sex drive.

With civilization comes emancipation with a realization that none wants to be left dry when that horny feeling kicks in, so the convenience of having someone you can shag with without having to worry about feelings is a good point.

Most people love this because they can easily move on to other things after sex— especially the career type, business minded individuals and the goal setters or just the players.

Men benefit more in #FWB because they get horny easily, the Penis has a mind of its own. Which can be easily aroused with the slightest image of the cleavage, buttocks, thigh, skin, sensitive touch or even facial beauty etc.

Women on the other hand enjoy the good life, believe me if a woman accepts this kind of relationship, you have to charm her with money, gifts, trips, luxury, food, and just the very best of anything trending.

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For some women in this kind of relationship, especially ones without a stable or good paying Job, the man will pay dearly to have a taste of there wine.


Friends With Benefit- sinzuuliveblog

It is easy to be bothered with what your partner might think in a serious relationship if you try out your wildest fantasies but with a #FWB relationship, you are able to explore and experiment with many things.

Even if the other party is not cool with it, you can both easily move on by ending things with no hard feelings. The part of just letting go without hard feelings is the reason why many engage in it.


#FWB comes with less drama, the mindset that this can end without regret is freedom. Imagine having no girl to ask you for money to fix nails or hair and the many other things some girls can come up with.

Your sexual partner is simply a friend and you don’t feel obligated but this all depends on the understanding between the two friends.

Most women will certainly engage in #FWB because of money and gifts, but you can easily end it when you can’t chest the demands.


#FWB gives you all the freedom in the world like one night stands, flings or whatever you want. There is no commitment to anybody and your friend with benefit can’t get jealous because they understand the deal.



Human desires is like the world of the dead, it keeps asking for more. The major source of headache in #FWB is that someone always ends up wanting much more than what was originally agreed upon.

There are tendencies to start developing real deeper feelings that ultimately leads to complications. The eyes is just greedy it will shed tears when its not getting everything good that it sights.


It is easy to forget about safe sex when regularly having sex with a particular person. #FWB sex is also most times instant, less talk and more action. Careful thinking can be lost in the heat of the moment or when in the throes of passion.

Friends With Benefit- sinzuuliveblog

Too many sexual partners means trouble, #FWB is a big risk. Sweet things tends to get sour in the stomach, there is no assurance in #FWB, just have in mind that you are likely going to come in or leave the relationship with STDS.


One could end up with spiritual diseases as well, sex is a spiritual encounter and many things are received and passed during this intimate moment.

Don’t be surprised you might end up with more to battle with than just STDS. Spiritual disease can come inform of Depression, Sexual Addiction, Spiritual Wife/ Husband, Disappointment, Near Success Syndrome, Spiritual Mask etc.


Everything that has a beginning must have an end and it can sometimes be more awkward than you imagined starting up that conversation to tell your partner that it’s over.

True feelings may not be involved but still the other party might be hurt. The truth remains after sexual intercourse, we deposit a part of us in the other party.

Friends With Benefit- sinzuuliveblog

You might wear a protection, but  sex is deeper than the sperm, orgasm, pussy, or penis. Humans connect faster through sex than through any other means.

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Enjoying someone’s total nakedness opens door beyond our human comprehension, and not all of us are normal and many are dedicated to kingdoms, Alters, Covens, Demons, Cult, Spirit Etc (Just too many Secret behind those doors)


The best things in life are enjoyed in two, find someone understanding, compatible and spend forever with them. #FWB has alot of risk accompanied with it even though their are benefits of just doing it when ever your urge drives you.

Always have in mind you can never be too careful.  Sugar is full of bliss and sweetness but it causes diabetes, this is not an advice but an enlightenment, Love will always win, never conform to what the society accept but discern what is best for your spirituality, Physical health, Growth and Life.

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Don’t be a victim of your own prison, be wise and make the right choices, there is reward in controlling your self.


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