Funeral Worker Sacked After Taking Selfie with Diego Maradona’s Corpse

A funeral worker took a disgusting selfie with Diego Maradona’s Corpse, this got him fired from his job.

He allegedly crept up to Maradona’s open coffin and gave a thumbs up in the selfie.

The funeral worker was tasked with preparing Diego Maradona‘s body for the soccer legend’s wake.

This unethical act sparked outrage from the owner of the Buenos Aires funeral parlor who promptly fired the guy.

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Mirror Sport break the story, the english tabloid obtained the photo but opted not to post it on its website. TMZ reports.

Maradona was recovering from an emergency brain surgery earlier this month, before he had a heart attack and died on Wednesday.

As mourners paid their respects around the world with touching tributes … all hell broke loose Thursday in his native country where violence erupted as thousands of mourners tried to force their way into the presidential palace where Maradona is lying in state.

Fans clashed with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets to control the violent crowd. Cops tried stopping them from entering the building following orders from the family.

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No reports of injured person so far.

Diego Armando Maradona 60-years-old was an Argentine professional football player and manager.


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