George Floyd’s Baby mama and daughter express Grievance

George Floyd’s Baby mama and daughter is coming to grips with the fact he’s going to miss moments in their child’s life.

This is an emotional rollercoaster and heart wrenching, depriving the tender female— fathers love.

Floyd impregnated Roxie Washington and they had a beautiful 6-year-old  Gianna.

Roxie had tears streaming down her face Tuesday as she stood alongside  Gianna at Minneapolis City Hall. Through her sobs, Roxie words was heart breaking … ”Gianna’s father was taken away from her abruptly and brutally”.

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The 3 other ex-cops with Derek the murderer, is yet uncharged … Roxie said they all get to go home and be with their families, but Gianna will never again go home to her father.

Roxie really broke down when she talked about George never getting to see Gianna grow up, graduate and walk down a wedding aisle.

Her emotion was seen, felt and from her voice, you could hear how the loss is taking a toll on George’s loved ones … and George Floyd’s Baby mama is still wondering why some of the other officers have not been arrested and charged.

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Terrence, was in Minneapolis Mondaycalling for peace and an end to the riots and looting — he revealed that the riot and the looting won’t bring back his dead brother.



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4 months ago

Sorry for your lost.I am black too. BLM you matter

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