German town grounds cats to save rare birds

In the southwestern German town of Walldorf, the authorities have ordered cat owners to keep their pets inside until the end of August.

The order has come in the light of protecting a rare bird during its breeding season. The authorities have designed this decree in order to help save the crested lark. These rare birds make their nests on the ground and therefore become easy prey for these feline hunters.

In recent decades the population of the Crested lark has declined significantly.

Walldorf authorities said that “among other things, the survival of the species depends on every single chick”.

This decree, to keep the cats indoors in the southern part of the town, will be repeated for the coming three years. This decision has outraged cat owners.

On Wednesday, Regional daily Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported, that the head of the local animal protection association plans to legally challenge the decree.

“Please remain calm,”. “I can assure you we’ll do our best to stop this disproportionate measure.” Regional daily quoted the head of the association.

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