Groom Found Guilty Of Attempting To Sexually Assault Wife’s Bridesmaid

A Pennslyvania man was found guilty on four charges of attempted sexual assault of one of his wife’s bridesmaids two days before their wedding in Monroe County.

Prosecutors say the attempted sexual assault took place in 2019 when the victim was reportedly intoxicated in a men’s locker room at the Shawnee Inn after a rafting trip.

Daniel Carney reportedly tried to have the victim take a shower with him and was later found by his then-soon-to-be-wife at the time.

According to the New York Post, Carney’s attorney claimed the 29-year-old victim was conscious and knew what she was doing while in the shower with Carney.

On Wednesday, Carney’s wife, Nicole Carney, also testified in his defense and said the victim was very conscious and aware when she caught them in the shower.

During his testimony, he said the bridesmaid allegedly instigated the sexual encounter and followed him into the locker room but prosecutors claim he didn’t bring any items such as soap or towels.

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In a criminal complaint, the bridesmaid claimed she woke up to Carney biting her hand and grabbing her.

Moments later, she blacked out and woke up to Carney on top of her along with her bikini top removed. Nicole reportedly screamed when she found her then-husband-to-be and the bridesmaid in the locker room.

Carney reportedly called the victim to apologize but she said she very extremely violated due to the incident. On the day of the wedding, he called her and reportedly begged her to take an emergency contraceptive pill.

Medics also found multiple bruises on her body but Carney’s defense said the bruises were from when she fell in the shower. However, prosecutors said the injuries were consistent with sexual assault.

Police also said they read a text message where he confessed to having his “d*ck out in the shower: “I wanted to apologize again for everything. Can we please just be as happy as possible for [the bride] today? Mistakes are behind us and I just need total closure before I do this [that is] why I’m sending this. I’m as happy as ever to marry [the bride] and I know this is terrible as well but my d— was out in the shower.” 

“We never did do it, but would you consider taking Plan B to make damn certain just in case? There is almost no chance, but still. Please tell me yes I’m begging you,”

After the nine-hour deliberation, Carney was found guilty of attempted sexual assault. However, his attorney Jim Swetz said in a statement that they plan to file an appeal after being disappointed with the verdict.

“We were disappointed by the verdict and will be pursuing an appeal,”

Carney was released on a $750,000 bond and his sentencing is scheduled for July 26.



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