Ever Thought About What Love Said ? — Written by Zuuvision

Love Said

Love said come and find me and I will run and hide for you to seek, then show my self and get all over you.

>Love is Crazy

Love Said

Its delusional, it makes you do unimaginable things, it can lead you to jump off a cliff teasing you all the way to the ground, it makes you all ticklish, makes you feel special like you are the luckiest human in the world, like no one else has a ‘it’ like you do, but it’s half truth because love is being stupid together.

>Love is a Drug

It can get you really high above the physical plain, it can make your heart sing, even though you don’t have good rhythm, but it’s exciting; it’s addicting, it’s confusing and it’s weird– when you can’t have it you will feel itchy and disoriented.

>Love Comes with Perspective and Everybody has a say

Love Said

Most people love for what it can do for them, some for what they can offer, some for what they can achieve and some from there heart, while others for its awakening embrace, but only few tend to understand the ugly truth about Love.

It will lighten your load and sometimes add to your load, but it never stop giving and taking but it sacrifices more.


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Love will discomfort you to comfort your pair, it’s not equal sometimes and it takes more than it gives, but in the end love wins.

>Love is letting go of Fear

It’s not instant, it’s not definite, you only feel it when you realize how good your soul felt just by remembering the moments, the heart felt laughter, the smile, the pain, disappointments, the lies, the intense drama and mushy feelings.

>Love is not Physical

You can’t buy love, but you can buy contempt, you can’t realize love from sex, but you can be imprisoned by Lust.

Sex is a fruit and Love is the Tree.

Love is an emotion, it’s what you make of it, it’s meaningless, but yet everything meaningful, it’s simple yet complicated, it’s an eternal rigmarole of ups and down.

It has no language, it doesn’t even see things clearly, it believes, it’s patience, enduring, forgiving, it’s not proud  or easily angered..

>Love will Never Give Up

Love said

Even in sorrow love comforts, it’s not complete but it’s content,  not seen but felt, it’s an energy and it’s from God.

Love is alive, it’s breathing,  is in you as you are in me, until we understand the principle of love, then we can be loved.

It wages no war,  love is not perfect, it sees good in bad, love is in oneness, for two becomes one– unity is what defines love.

Love can be milked for all its worth, just like the sea it can never run dry.

It has keys to all doors, answer to all queries, its magic, a miracle that happens when two hearts merge as one.

>Love is Blind

No one is perfect and it is human nature to overlook certain faults that people have.

No matter who or where you are…love is available….if you are honest and open to receive it. Anything that allows us as human beings to put aside our differing personal beliefs and opinions, to come together in shared moments of laughter, pain and hope….is priceless.

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Love seems easy in falling and hardest in staying.

Everybody can say sweet things but who is just ? That professes from the heart.

Love is an adventure, it blooms with trials.

Love conquers all things, it can’t be caged or controlled, it frowns in the face of deception.

True love is the key to veils of endless possibilities, for love said be love and spread me.


  1. True and pure Love is more rare and precious than the Hope Diamond.

    It is the whispered language of God and the halellujah song by bands of our ascended Angels.

    If we are very fortunate it wafts through the air riding free and loose on childreñs’ laughter.

    Universal Love has us surrounded.
    Might as well surrender…

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