Video of Hayward Police Officers shooting a 60 year old Man 4 times in a Front Yard

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Hayward Police Officers shoot a 60 year old Eric “Gato” Rosalia multiple times in his Front Yard.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, May 27th, few days after a Hayward cop shot a man dead in a traffic stop LIB Reports.

The 13-second clip shows the man Eric, in his 60s, in a tense stand-off surrounded by five armed officers with guns drawn, just feet away.

The video shows the officers shouting “put it down” as the man appears to be wielding a small knife with a black plastic handle Mercury News reports.

Afterwards officers used a taser on the man and a witness is heard screaming in reaction. Almost immediately, multiple sound of gunshot was heard from the video clip.

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The woman behind the camera screamed in agony as the man falls hysterically to the ground.

The victim’s nephew shared the video clip on Instagram and Twitter. He added that the cops claimed his uncle had a gun but there was no gun on him.

His post reads —  [su_pullquote]”F**K YOU @HaywardPD these bitch ass pigs put 4 shots in my uncle after tasing him n tried to say my uncle had a gun! WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT GUN IN THIS VIDEO???! THEM PROCEED TO RAID MY AUNT N UNCLES HOUSE LOOKING FOR SAID “GUN” FUCK @HaywardPD FRFR “[/su_pullquote]

When queried by a follower — “Was a search warrant presented? Did they find a gun?.”

“Nope only thing they found was pictures of my uncle and his motorcycle crew they’re gonna use those to paint him a certain way but my uncle was a mechanic he was always working on his projects or riding with his buddies you know how this media shit bout to play out ! — @jaydenalbrechtt replied.

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The victim was taken to an undisclosed hospital and is expected to survive.

Hayward Police Dept. confirmed the shooting in a statement– The statement revealed that officers were responding to reports of “a man on a motorcycle, who was chasing someone and banging on doors in the neighborhood.”

“Our officers located the involved man. During the contact, an officer discharged his service weapon after the man approached officers with a weapon,” Officer Claudia Mau said. “At this point, we are still investigating to determine what else led to that outcome.”

She said the department would not release any identifying information on the officers involved while the incident was being investigated.

“Anytime the Hayward Police Officers use force, regardless of degree, it is a serious matter that requires a thorough investigation,” she said, adding that Alameda County District Attorney’s Office had been notified and would be conducting an independent investigation.

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Recap last Wednesday, Hayward Police shot a 20-year-old man dead after a traffic stop turned deadly.

Hayward Chief of Police Toney Chaplin confirmed at a news conference afterward that the dead man had been sought in connection with another fatal shooting of a 65-year-old homeless man on May 1.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW | Hayward Police Officers shoot


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