Unbelievable Five Interesting Health Benefits of Onions

The diuretic properties of onions have been shown to be very useful when it comes to treating urinary disorders.

In this article, we are going to discuss the health benefits of onions.

The health benefits of Onions are unbelievable (Old Farmer's Almanac)
The health benefits of Onions are unbelievable (Old Farmer’s Almanac)

In this part of the world, onions are popular for cooking. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to prepare a dish without making use of one.

This is why it has become a household name and can be seen in almost every kitchen.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of onion goes beyond the cooking pot. Recent studies have shown that the “garlic pink sister” is an excellent source of vitamin C, sulphuric compounds, flavonoids, and phytochemicals.

This is why some medical practitioners would advice those suffering from burning sensation during urination to drink water boiled with 6 to 7 gm of onion, as it is known to relieve the symptoms.

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Results from research suggest that onion extract is rich in a variety of sulfides, which are known to provide some protection against tumor growth.

And according to recent studies, regular consumption of onions helps to reduce the risk of several cancers such as colorectal cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer.

It is suggested to consume one onion serving per day.

High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) occur when your blood sugar (also called glucose) is higher than your body needs to function normally. And this condition is known to cause both immediate and long-term problems.

However, the regular consumption of onions has been shown to lower the blood sugar levels, as it contains allyl propyl disulfide that helps to reduce the glucose levels by increasing the amount of insulin.

According to Anne Mauney, a dietitian based in Washington, D.C., the polyphenols in onions act as antioxidants, protecting the body against free radicals.

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The quercetin in onions has also been shown to reduces allergic reactions by stopping the body from producing histamines, which are what make you sneeze, cry and itch if you’re having an allergic reaction.

The fiber in onions promotes good digestion and helps keep you regular.

In addition, onions contain a special type of soluble fiber called oligofructose, which promotes good bacteria growth in your intestines.

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