Here are some things teenage girls wish teenage boys knew

teenage boys

On Quora, a woman who goes by the name Bubblestte shared her experience with teenage boys, and it appears that her findings are relevant to all teenage boys. read her findings and advice below.

! | Swearing does not make you cool ❞

Seriously. Swearing does not make you cool at all. Just like stop swearing for the sake of swearing. It seems so forced and unnatural. Furthermore, it makes you seem so rude, which is seriously not a good impression and first impressions do not change easily.

! | Being tardy does not make you seem cool either ❞

Please, there is this guy I know who always comes late, and honestly, I have such a bad impression fo him. When he walks in, he tries to look cool. But to me, he is not succeeding at all. Being late also give bad impressions You thin that being late is cool? No, especially if you are at least 15 minutes late all the time. You will seem pretty irresponsible and honestly, I would not like you very much.

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! | Be yourself ❞

Trying to act cool, be funny, basically someone who is not yourself is real cringe. I would rather like to see what kind of person you are rather than the fake persona you are putting up If you are just this way naturally, we can tell. Even if you are not that humorous or cool, you have your own charms too, do not worry!

Being someone you are not makes no whole situation so cringe. You will seem So unnatural and the whole situation will be  awkward.

We appreciate you for who you are, and not the kind of person you are trying to be.

! | Try to be more approachable ❞

Seriously, some of you guys give off the vibe that just make people want to avoid you. Try to be more approachable, smile more, do not always have that frown in your face, it will make people find you more nice and more people will approach you. You always complain that people do not like you, but, the way you talk, your expressions and everything make it seem that you do not want us to approach you.

! | We are not thinking about guys all the time ❞

Seriously? Like please, I have other more important things in my life to think about. Not everything that goes through our mind is about relationships and how to make guys like us. Please, this is so cringe. And another thing, we are not pushovers, just because we are girls, you think you can take advantage of us? No. In fact, you will be regretting it so, so much.

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! | Stop being so jealous so easily ❞

When we talk to other guys or we spend more time with our friends, there is no need to be jealous. Like really. There is no one who can replace you. Just accept the fact that we have other friends and move on.

! | The world does not revolve around you ❞

Not everything we talk about, think about or write about is about you. There is no need to turn your head every time when we say “he” like seriously. There are other guys on this planet too.

! | The is no point replying dms late for the sake of doing it 

Replying dms late so that you are not clingy or just to make yourself look cool does not sit well, at all, honestly. It makes you seem self-conceited and just plainly rude sometimes, when you are obviously online and don’t acknowledged that we have sent a message. If this goes on for too long, we may lose interest. Not replying dms immediately is completely fine, but just replying like 6 hours later all the time makes no sense at all. They might be busy, but what about someone who is obviously online, replies to your friends and chats in group chats while you are just waiting for his reply?

! | There is no need for you to treat us as “girls” per-say ❞

If we are good friends, just treat us like how you treat any other friend of yours. There is no need to say thing like “I shouldn’t ask a girl this” or things like this!

! | When we say we hate you, we do not necessarily mean it ❞

Most of the time, but of course there are exceptions. When we say it, it is usually because we are annoyed at something you did. Please do not take it seriously.

! | We are pretty insensitive when it comes to words ❞

Do not take what we say to heart! Sometimes due to some circumstances, we are pretty insensitive and say things which are hurtful without us actually meaning it. Sorry.

! | We have days when we want to be alone ❞

When we tell you go away, I would say to just leave us alone. We will reach out for you when we really need help. We like our alone time.

! | Offer us a warm drink or a jacket when we are one our period ❞

Most girls suffer from bad cramps. And one way to help make the cramps less severe would be to drink a warm drink or just keep warm in general.

—note: i am not saying that girls do not have these issues too, please note that this is my reference based on my own experiences and you have every right to disagree but do know your limits