Hong Kong’s Jumbo floating restaurant sinks in the South China Sea

Hong Kong’s iconic ‘Jumbo Floating’ restaurant has sunk in the South China Sea. Established in 1976 by the late Stanley Ho Hung-sun, a Macau casino entrepreneur, it became a tourist hotspot in the former British territory during the last four decades.

“When passing Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, the vessel encountered adverse conditions which water soon entered before it began to tip. Despite the efforts of the towing company responsible for the trip to rescue the vessel, unfortunately, it capsized on Sunday.” The company added it was “very saddened” by this incident. It further informed that there were no injuries to the crew members and that it was seeking more information from the towing agency.

Statement by Jumbo Floating Restaurant

The restaurant suffered a significant financial setback as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Due to the pandemic, it shuttered in 2020 and laid off most of its employees. Despite the fact that the restaurant was not in business, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said it had become a financial burden to its shareholders. Especially with millions of Hong Kong dollars spent on regulation and maintenance.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant has lost HK$100 million since the start of the outbreak in 2020. A 30-meter kitchen barge belonging to the restaurant sank earlier this month due to a lack of upkeep. The company stated that the vessel had been inspected by marine engineers and that hoardings had been installed. It had all the necessary clearances before departure.

The restaurant has been part of numerous films throughout the years. This was due to its magnificent traditional Chinese decorations and famous seafood dishes. It includes films like Jackie Chan’s The Protector from 1985 and the critically acclaimed Infernal Affairs II from 2003. Queen Elizabeth II and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise were among the high-profile attendees.


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