How to Play with the Vagina – The most misunderstood organ in the World.


The vagina is a mysterious place.  So mysterious in fact, that I have to admit as a pussy owner, I didn’t discover much about it for decades.  In fact, the majority of women and men never discover very much about vagina’s at all.

When a little boy looks down and pees, he sees his cock.  When a little girl looks down and pees, she doesn’t know where the pee is coming from.  From this phenomenon arises the female desire to look inwards, and the male desire to look out.

At a cursory glance,

it seems like a hole.  An orifice, opening in the body.  It appears to be something that the half of humanity who don’t have one stick the bit they have instead inside.  In fact, if one is to believe what one sees in Hollywood, the penis owner shoves his member with frantic fury into the vagina, jerks around and few times and then is silent.

As a pussy owner, I have gradually come to realise that the pussy is about one of the most misunderstood items in existence.  I had this realisation at a workshop when I was learning how to use a jade egg.  The teacher told us to put the egg by our yoni, and ask the yoni what she wanted.

She told us to ask the yoni if she wanted the egg to go inside.  Such a concept had never crossed my mind.  I grew up believing that pussy’s were holes that men put their cocks inside and basically jerked off into.  In fact, I was 21 before I even realised that women had orgasms!

When I heard these words, ask my yoni, it was almost like someone struck me with a car.  I had never heard this concept before, and suddenly I understood why I never had orgasms.  I had no respect for my pussy and yes, I just saw it as a hole to shove things inside.

Once I changed my relationship with my pussy,

I started to have orgasms.  In fact, with the help of the Taoist meditations that unblocked my energy, I became multi-orgasmic in a very short period of time.  I started to have a super tingly pussy that vibrated with energy.  I also noticed my health and vitality improve dramatically.

As I contined my journey into conscious sexuality, I started to learn about my pelvic floor, the sucking reflex of my pussy, and I discovered female ejaculation and my g-spot.

I also discovered that everything I had learned about sex and vaginas and cocks was basically wrong.  Actually I came to the realisation that the way I and most people were having sex was basically abuse, and I don’t mean that lightly.

As I continued to learn about Taoism and Tantra, I learned that ancient cultures revered the genitals as sacred.  We actually view them as dirty and we abuse them, even in loving relationships.  We do this because a thousand years of religion has programmed us to think and behave this way.

We may feel horny and want sex, but have you ever stopped to think if your body, sexual organs or partner were ready?  Do we think that if we are horny we just should get it over with and release the tension?  That if we are horny we are entitled to have sex with our partner or whoever is arousing us?

Where is the sacredness or respect in this? 

Haven’t we reduced sex to an act of masturbation?  Where are the hours of foreplay that are depicted in Tantric temples?

According to Taoist Master Mantak Chia, it takes around an hour and a half of foreplay to prepare the woman for love making.  Penetration before this time is harmful to the pelvic floor and internal organs and deprives the woman of her orgasmic and pleasure potential.

Once I learned this stuff, there was no going back.  I will never regard my body or sex in the same way as before.  The veil had lifted for me.  My body and pussy restored to it’s original sacred place.

What’s been hard since this time is realising that not everybody thinks this way.  In fact, as I learned to navigate my new found sexuality, the realisation that my partners didn’t feel this way was shocking.  In fact, what I had thought before was normal sex, now felt like rape.

Although the education around consent has improved significantly in the last few decades, few people understand how important it is.  You see, consent is the key to pleasure.  If we want to penetrate our partner before they are ready, they will shut down, and this has happened to me.

The reality is that we still live in an era that experiences the remnants of patriarchy.  Part of this is the idea we are sexually entitled to others, and this is something that is particularly tough for women, given the physical superiority of men and the volatile nature of male sexual energy.

The way we are shown penetration in movies,

The way most people masturbate, only desensitises the sexual organs and shuts down our orgasmic capacity.  If you really understand sexual energy, you realise that less is more and the key to great sex is dancing with energy.

The truth is that most people don’t have a clue about sexual energy.  If you are reading this, I am guessing you had some kind of sexual awakening or at least curiosity.  Sex is about so much more than friction on genitals.

Sex is literally life; it’s a dance and it’s a song.  If you have a pussy, or love someone who has one, try to put aside the beliefs that have been indoctrinated into you about it.  Try to forget that you were told that better orgasm means a higher vibrator setting or banging harder inside.

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Try to approach the next pussy you see with a completely open mind.  Gaze at her, talk to her, and tease her.  Put aside expectations because you don’t need penetration for validation.

Whether it’s your own pussy or your beloved’s, try to create a real relationship.  I mean treat her like an entity in her own right.  Give her respect and adoration and see what happens.

Maybe you will notice a small miracle, just like the Tantrists of old.  Maybe you will discover that between her legs is the path to enlightenment.

Credit : Jade Lotus