Huge Pet Python Bites and Wraps Around The Arm Of The Owner

Huge Pet Python clamped onto a woman’s hand, and then tried to put a death grip on her arm and leg in a matter of seconds … and the whole incident is captured live.

The woman seems familiar with the python –but that didn’t stop her from been attacked as soon as she lets it out of its tank.

She started with hi baby as the python, takes a quick bite to her hands and then starts to curl around her entire arm.

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At first, she tries to keep her cool and almost acts as if she’s gonna handle the situation on her own — but things quickly escalated as the python wrapped itself even tighter, which prompted her to ask for help.

Just a few seconds later, the snake latched onto her leg and started to coil even more … which sent the woman into panic mode — not to mention the guy who’s trying to get the huge pet python untangled. Amid the struggle, the video finally cuts out.

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It’s unclear where or when exactly this happened, or what happened after this whole mishap — but on its face, the message seems clear … do NOT play with pythons!!!


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