The Purpose Behind Human Creation – ARTICLE

human creation- sinzuulive


Have you ever asked your self this questions ?

  • Who am i ?
  • What is my mission on earth ?
  • what is my purpose here ?
  • Why was i sent here and came here as a human?
  • Where am i going after living here on earth ?
  • What is this world all about ?
  • Have i existed before ?
  • How can i remember who i was then ?
  • Why was i created in my mothers womb and it took me 9 months just to become a human?
  • Why was crying the first emotion i expressed ?
  • If God knew all my thoughts, actions, and knew my next move, even though He know
  • I would turn my back on Him and rebel, even though He know that am not to be trusted then
  • Why create me to bring Him pain and regrets ?
  • He could have allowed me to die in my mothers womb or cause my fathers sperm not to be viable ?
  • Why does God love Human so much that He sent his only son just to die and save us from sin
  • and the coming destruction ?

Human creation- sinzuulive

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I pondered on this question for a while and the Creator opened my eyes through the help of His Word in Genesis 1:27-28 (27; So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them).

(28; God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground).

This passage made me to understand that;

(1) God created us to be like Him.

(2) God blessed us, Fortified us, by giving us Dominion and Authority.


Our purpose is to be like God, in kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and everything good, because everything good comes from God, because God is good and we are created to be good.

Every human is blessed because God confirmed this in His word, we are to be fruitful and to increase in number.

Human creation- sinzuulive

Our mission is to be fruitful and increase in number, and to subdue the earth and have control over everything — God created, but to be able to achieve this mission we have to discover our purpose and our purpose is to be like God but a smaller ”god” because none is to be compared to the ”I AM THAT I AM’,” the Creator of Heaven and Earth”, —the ”Beginning and the End”.

”The God of gods, King of kings”, so to achieve this purpose we have to discover the vision of who we are and to discover this vision is to find our destiny, to discover this destiny is to study the word of God which is the only map to God.

Through my study i learnt that serving and praising God is the purpose of our creation, because to be like your master, you have to serve Him, praise Him, please Him and learn from Him.

Without knowledge of who your Master is, you can never be like Him. ”You can’t plant an orange and harvest a corn”, ”a dog can not give birth to a human” and ”a human can’t give birth to a goat”.

In order to discover your purpose or destiny you have to serve, praise, please and worship your maker so that He can reveal the secret and purpose of your creation, when you have discovered this vision, then you can say this is who I am.

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I have discovered under the sun and moon that a lot of people do not know who they are or the path they are supposed to walk and this have made a lot to loose there vision and purpose in life.

We are not here to produce only babies, build houses or make money but we are here to serve one another, to take dominion and to subdue the world.

We are not created to be little because we are serving a Bigger and Mightier God– but only when we discover our purpose then we can take control.

human creation - sinzuulive

When we discover our vision then we can know where we are going after a life here on earth.

We are but strangers in this world, and we came here with nothing and would leave with nothing, we are but dust and ashes.

One day we all would die and return to the dust and our only possession would be maggot and termites that would feed on our decaying body.

Once we understand this truth then we can figure out the very need for Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Master.

Those that believe would die but will rise on the last day and rule as king.  There is no second death for a believer. We have hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

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I have discovered that this world is just a dream, because most of us create and live according to the dreams we have, to me death is the reality because our life on earth is short compared to eternity.

I have never seen or heard that a man or woman or child die today and you see them tomorrow ,its only but Jesus Christ have been able to achieve this that is why we believe of a life after death but its only for those that believe in Jesus Christ.

When we believe that living a healthy life would save us then we should start practicing how to live a healthy life then we would live in health even though sickness would attack us.

But because we have studied and practiced health we would always overcome every sickness, that is how a believer practices and believes in Jesus Christ and follow the way of the cross because we know that Christ have gone before us and made it then when we follows on the same path.

When we practice healthy living we live in total health , so when we follow Christ in truth and in spirit, we would be clothed with salvation and rewarded eternally.


Some of us believe that we have existed before and i thought about this for a while and see that there might be truth in this  because the word of God have this to say in.

Ecclesiastes 1:9-11  (9; What has happened before will  happen again. What has been done before will be done again. There is nothing new in the whole world).

(10; ”Look, they say, “here is something new!” But no, it has all happened before, long before we were born).

(11; No one remembers what has happened in the past, and no one in days to come will remember what happens between now and then).

There is a possibility of someone existing before through the knowledge of this word.

In this world nothing is new, all we see is modification and upgrades, but what is left to us is to remember and find out what it was like before we reincarnated….then we can find the answer to our quest through the word of God (BIBLE) which holds every history, knowledge, power and wisdom , with this holy word every secret is made known.


human creation- sinzuulive

A baby forming in the womb is a miracle. mysteriously a sperm fertilize an egg, from blood, it takes a form into a being that breathes through a tube that is connected to the mother, and eventually turns into a baby.

A sperm is just a whitish substance that contains, the bone marrow and the DNA of the man.

Then i wonder still how can this white fluid fertilize an egg even though science has made some discoveries and explanation, but its still not enough to quench my curiosity.

I thought no further about it because no matter how hard i think i won’t understand, only God have an answer to this mystery and this is a pure revelation that God exist because if He doesn’t then who has the knowledge of this mystery should recreate a sperm without support of a male bone marrow, that can fertilize an egg.

The only thing that i could be able to comprehend about child birth and the 9 months of formation is that before you can become Successful, it takes time and process.

Our birth was a process, there is no shortcut to destiny and the most important thing to grasp is the need to discover our path.

A fast runner cannot get to his destination if he doesn’t know where he is going, but a slower runner that knows where he is running to, can overcome the fast runner and reach to his destination because he know where he’s going and is well acquainted with the road.

Crying Baby

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I have pondered why crying was the first emotion we express when we are born.

I was able to understand that life is hard, we can’t escape this truth. Its only pain that can direct us to the path of being able to actualize our goals thereby proving that failure the steering wheel to success.

Without loosing we can’t win. so we have to cry in order to be able to smile. After asking my self this questions and being able to come up with this answers i was amazed and researched more to learn the essence of human creation, then i could be able to say that its not about ”sleeping and waking up everyday”, or about ”Wealth or Poverty”.

”Fame”, it’s not about ”having it all or having less”, its not about ”certificate or achievements”, its not about ”Traveling ”, its not about  ”Food, Material things”, its not about ”Technology or Science”.

I was able to understand that this life is a RACE, life is a TEST, Life is not what we think it is, or what we see it as, there is something more beyond life, something beyond the mere understanding of human being, from my studies and understanding about life, i understood the law and only complete commandment LOVE.

Loving your neighbor as your self, loving God above all, because for the sake of love, God sent His only son to die for our sins.

[su_note]We are made out of love and created to love- that is our mission.[/su_note]