I married my worst nightmare – Pressure made me do it

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Sitting on the floor of the toilet and tears streaming down my face, I kept asking myself
“Should I flush my ring again”
How did I get here..
How did I freaking get here!!!!!
Am a married woman with a cute baby girl, yet I sit in this toilet crying !!
What should I do??

Back then in university, I was so lively and happy..
I was the life of the party, I had the craziest click of friends..
If its not fun, don’t call Elizabeth..
What could ever go wrong, I always felt like i had it all..
Then came Jerry, he’s a Manger at shell oil company.
I met him at the bank, he asked me nicely can I borrow your pen ?, I couldn’t resist the soft voice, beard and cute puppy eyes, I said yes and that’s all it took, bam we clicked..
He asked for my number, he’s handsome and smelt nice, how could I have said no..and from there we started talking.
Life felt perfect.

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Jerry was a sweet talker,
He always said the right words, am
so easy lol, I fell for him, within weeks, I found myself on his bed,
In his kitchen, cooking his meals,
Sweeping his house..
Ah!! Elizabeth turned into wife material overnight..
Jerry made me feel content, I felt safe, he was my happy place..
He took me to the best restaurants in town, bought me gifts and clothes..
Every other girl within radius would have been jealous of me..
Yea..he even made me breakfast in bed..
I told my friends how we met and they even started going to the banks often😂😂 looking for who to give pen- crazy girls , they wanted to meet their own Prince charming.
On my graduation day, Jerry Proposed to me, I felt elated, like everything was happening at the right time.
He freaking asked me to marry him!!!!..

What a dream come true..My life was definitely perfect..I sharply moved in to his house the next day, even when my parents warned me to wait till we are officially married.. Elizabeth wont listen.
few days before I left for NYSC, it was already 5 months since he proposed, a night before the day, I talked about fixing our wedding date, he said there was no need for rush, that we would have to deal with it after I come back from NYSC, I reluctantly agreed and he dropped me at the park..
A month later, after I finished camping and secured my place of primary assignment which I worked so I can be close to him.

We talked that same day, because he knew am done with camp and I told him, I won’t be coming home straight, that I need to stay a few days to secure my place of primary assignment, which I already did but I did all this to give him a suprise visit.. Before coming home I branched to the market, I bought a sexy see through gown, I have been anticipating the sex, I just can’t wait 😜, everything was going as planned and I had a spear key.

Lo and behold I received the greatest shock of my life ..on getting to the door, I was hearing loud music, I didn’t even know he was home, I was like this my plan has scattered, then I quietly opened the door , I was just thinking how I will wear the gown and surprise him then the enjoyment start but all I heard was moaning, “he was saying baby you are sweet chai “, the idiot was receiving blow job in the sitting room..I stood there watching till he turned her and started pounding her from behind.. like the fool was passionate that he didn’t even know I was there watching .

Thats when I screamed..I screamed and screamed.. tears rolled down, I knew I would never be the same after that day .
I left his house..Jerry didn’t even bother to call and apologize or anything..
He only sent back my stuffs..with a note ” Am sorry”
I cried till I couldn’t cry no more..

A month later, I travelled home for my cousin’s traditional wedding..
I met Mr Solomon, he is a politician, a counselor precisely, he’s a matured man with his pot belly, he walked up to me and asked me if I was Mr Ibe’s daughter..
I answered yes, he said he wanted to get to know me..I gave him my number..
I needed to forget Jerry, so anything goes🤷‍♀️
We fixed a date and met at the mall..Mr Solomon was blunt and rude, I ordered wine, he complained that a young girl like me shouldn’t be taking alcohol, I changed my order to Fanta..
“Wahala no dey finish”..

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He told me he wanted to settle down and I was the best match but I need to get pregnant for him before he proceeds with the marriage rites. I was so shocked at his bluntness..I got up and walked out
Yea i did!!

I was scrolling through facebook the following day, all my friends were getting married, others were getting engaged..and I didn’t even have a boyfriend..A whole Elizabeth, they are even calling me to come and buy material for asoebi..
The pressure was getting to me, I felt down and went into the toilet.
I sat at the toilet, I cried for hours and then I flushed engagement ring, that idiot Jerry gave me, I watched it go down the drain..
I felt relieved and said to my self make use of this opportunity, I picked up my cell and called Mr Solomon..
Worst mistake of my life!!!

Few weeks later I moved into his house, few months later I got pregnant.
Within three months, I married my worst nightmare and posted on Social Media..everybody thought I was happy but deep down it’s all regret, He don’t even know how to make love, I ended up with a 1 minute man thats what i wanted right??!!!!

Today am a married woman or should I say a ” Slave”
My Job is to clean, sweep , wash clothes, I was turned into a house girl ..
I had business plans, I have ideas, but I was just a house wife.
Am married this a narcissist, no romance,
No attention, just ordering me around like a slave, I can’t even leave the house, he monitors my every move, happiness was far away from me.
I call my husband “Sir”..Cooks three different dishes before he gets home..
Clean and feed my baby..
I don’t even remember what freedom looks like…

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Here I am again sitting inside the toilet floor, lost in my thought !!
How did I get here?
Should I flush this ring, run with my baby and divorce him ??? !!!..

GBO!! GBO!! GBO!!!
I hear it now!!
My husband is banging at the door… reality hit me in the head.

“Elizabeth you have not washed this clothes since morning and there is no food” he’s shouting at me again
What a life.
I pick up my ring, slide it down my third finger..
For better for worse right?!!
Maybe Someday..But I need a plan..
One day, I will flush this ring..
One day!!

So beautiful ladies out there , be patient,
Fall in love, get married to your best friend..
So you dont have to sit at the toilet “Wondering” about life.

Love you🥰

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