Life is an Imaginary World- ARTICLE

Think deep about the image below, before you read on— No matter what we have achieved in life, we still seek for more.

Imaginary world- Sinzuulive

We seek for that new thing, that new car, new house, new clothes, new adventure, even though we have already achieved what we want.

The want and the urge for more never ends, just like the world of the dead keeps seeking for more dead bodies.

“Human desire is like the world of the dead, there is always room for more”

Imaginary world - sinzuulive

Paraphrasing with a story in the Holy Book (Bible- Genesis 3:1-7).

I guess that was why Eve lured Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, even though they had everything in the garden of Eden, she still seek for that which they are told not to have, all it took was mind seduction and persuasion from the serpent.

Adam and Eve out of curiosity to gain the knowledge of good and evil, brought forth a curse upon HUMANITY.

Human needs/ wants could never be satisfied, until death knocks at our door.

This desires have driven us crazy and made many step into doors, they are not supposed to open.

Until we learn to be grateful for the little things, we would never be free from greed and only then can we know peace.

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Uncontrollable desires, remove the peace of today, because our mind is set on things beyond our reach.

We tend to forget that we are living in an ‘Imaginary World’, that will roll up like a scroll, a world that nobody takes nothing from when death steals our life, our heart, our joy, our desires and our mind.

If we say that the world is truly the reality, then why; is nobody able to see the dead?

Why can’t the dead live again? why do we live today to die another day? — our life become tales to hearts and ears that cares.

Where do we go when the golden thread breaks? when the thin invisible air cuts?

Imaginary world- sinzuulive

On the onset of birth, we cry out, what a wicked world, even though we are born blind but we see the injustice that posses earth, the bitterness, the horror, the pain and the battle.

What have we gained from living this miserable fate called life….. Nobody knows what is waiting for them on the other side of death, chasing the wind, chasing after a life built in our minds– Imaginary world.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe the reality is when we are dead? Life is too short and death is longer, when we sleep which is the second death, we dream, we see our self in different places, doing different things, sometimes we wake up, we wonder about our dreams ?.

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Are we living in a world of fantasy because all our achievement is borne in the mind which we make visible through hard work, nobody knows the real truth until his or her life span expires.

We take nothing when we leave this world, but what counts is the souls we have touched and our good deeds.

Everything we own we leave behind for our successor; power, greatness, respect, clothes, houses, family, cars, mansions, achievements etc.

We struggle everyday thinking about the life we want to live, the places we want to visit, creating dreams and ambitions that we don’t even know we can fulfill.

Under the sun and the moon, I have discovered that life is but an imagination and death is the reality of every existence.

Be grateful to your creator for every breath you inhale and every dawn you see and do more good than bad because at the end of this fantasy called life, our good deeds, love, kindness, these things that can’t be seen by human eyes is what that die with us.

We would be judged according to the way we live, enjoy this short life, do what you want but have in mind, that we would be judged for every action.

What we do with everyday of our life determines if we would live eternally, or die and be forgotten forever.


A mystery to the world, a ponder to thy self, Philosopher, Critical Thinker, Content creator, Creative Writer, Poet with the heart and skill of a Cinematographer- Call Me Entertainment.

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