PHOTO: The Aghori cult who live in cemeteries, use dead bodies as alters and eat human flesh

PHOTO: The Aghori cult who live in cemeteries, use dead bodies as alters and eat human flesh

Indian Terrifying Cult, the most fearedThe Aghori members are fable for their dark and deadly quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Jan Skwara, 38, from Pruszkow, Poland an Inquisitive photographer was traveling through Varanasi, India, when he encountered an Aghori coven and documented their mysterious existence.

The images are intense and expressing thrilling encounters, the most intriguing picture was the moment a man tipped his head back and raised his hands before drinking from the mouth of a real human skull.

Indian Terrifying Cult- sinzuuliveblog
An Aghori drinking from a skull

In another picture, a man is seen sitting down with a red human skull perched on top of his own whilst his face is covered in an eerie white dust.

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They are devoted servants of Shiva– a Hindu deity. The Aghori practices are seen as being contradictory to orthodox Hinduism.

Aghori Typical Home | Temple

The Aghori believe in asceticism, a chronic lifestyle of self-denial in which one denies themselves of sensual pleasures choosing instead to pursue spiritual goals.

The cult mainly worship Bhairava, the form of Shiva associated with death.

Aghoris are idol worshippers, relying instead on meditation and a combination of alcohol and marijuana to practice greater concentration.

AGHORI PRACTICES | Indian Terrifying Cult

Aghori Temple

The Aghori Coven believe in practicing  what the society deem a taboo or disturbing, which they feel is a road to achieving enlightenment.

Over the years, these practices have included meditating on top of bodies, performing sexual acts in cemeteries and smearing human ash all over their bodies.

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Indian Terrifying Cult- sinzuuliveblog

THE SUN REPORTS  | These monks use a combination of marijuana, alcohol and meditation to help them reach a “disconnected state of heightened awareness” to bring themselves closer to Lord Shiva.

Some cult members practice sexual acts in the midst of dead bodies, they claimed, it give them supernatural powers.

These powers are believed to enable them to practice black magic—which they are inhibited from using on others.

Devoted Aghori’s shun materialism and often walk around unclothed as beggars.

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Aghori Pouring Human ash and being nearly naked is form of spiritual from shame

This encourages detachment from what they see as “earthly delusions” and better signifies the human body in its purest form.

The Aghori trace their roots to 17th-century puritan Baba Kinaram, who is said to have lived to the age of 170.


Indian Terrifying Cult- sinzuuliveblog

They are cloaked in an aura of mystery, the Aghori sadhus’ are known for post-mortem rituals – They practice cannibalism.

Aghoris live among India’s cremation sites – where Lord Shiva and goddess Kali Ma are said to dwell – and feed on what others throw away.

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Bodies are often cremated and then scattered into the sacred Ganges river, but some bodies are disposed of without cremation.

The Aghori are said to collect these remains and use them for their spiritual enlightenment, wearing the corpses, consuming them or building alters from them.

As well as feasting on human flesh, Aghoris also drink from human skulls and chew the heads off of live animals.

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad. 2 Corinthians 5:10



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