Indian Woman Arrested After Her Husband Commit Suicide For Denying Him Sex

Indian Woman Arrested After Her Husband Commit Suicide For Denying Him Sex

Indian woman has been arrested after her husband killed himself over claims she refused to have sex with him during their marriage.

Geeta Parmar, a 32 year- old Indian woman , resident of Maninagar in Gujarat, was recently arrested on suspicion of ‘Instigation to suicide’ following a complaint filed by her late husband’s mother-in-law Muli.

Muli Parmar, 55, claims that Geeta did not have sex with her husband, Surndrasinh, during the 22 months of their married life together.

The mother of the deceased’s said the lack of sex left her son in ‘mental stress’ as their relationship failed. She added that –I  discovered they were sleeping in separate beds when I  paid them a visit.

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The police report revealed that Late Surndrasinh told his mother Muli that he and Geeta did not have ‘sexual intercourse’, .

Muli alleged that Geeta had ‘taken a vow’ that she would not engage in sexual activity with her husband during their marriage.

‘Once I had gone inside my son’s room and found that he and my daughter-in-law were sleeping on different beds,’ Muli alleged in her Police Statement

Times of India reports that the couple fought frequently over the issue before Geeta moved back into her parents’ home.

On July 27, family members came to see Surndrasinh and  discovered he had committed suicide.

Surndrasinh, who was a railway employee married Geeta, his second wife, in October 2018 following a divorce from his ex-wife two years earlier.


The case is still under investigation by Shaherkotda police in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Not everybody can survive been denied of sex, please do make sure you satisfy your partners thanks.


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