It takes time for love to blossom – poem

love to blossom

Love is not instant- It takes time for love to blossom. 

You feel it when you realize how content your soul feels.

Heartfelt laughter and a goofy smile.

The pain is in the gain.

The mushy feelings and intense drama.

Love is not physical 

It’s an emotion that caught fire in the heart of the beholder.

You can’t buy love or realize its eternal grace from lust

Love is simple yet intricate.

What Is Love?

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Love is a universal language 

It doesn’t care about race, social status, age, or distance.

Love wouldn’t be true if it didn’t hurt

If it doesn’t sacrifice, it wouldn’t be unconditional.

Love never gives up

Even in sorrow, love comforts

Love is patient.

It always forgives

What have we gained from not loving?

Love is in you, as well as in me

Love is free

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