Jacob Blake Finally Speaks To The Public From Hospital Bed and He Says Life Is Precious

Jacob Blake has breaking his silence ever since he was shot 7 times in the back by a white cop.

Blake spoke out to the public from his hospital bed where he lies paralyzed from the waist down — and his message is simple … ”don’t take life for granted’‘.

Blake’s family attorney, Ben Crump, posted a video which appears to have been filmed by a friend of his named Mike.

It shows Jacob lying in his hospital gown and enlightening both the old and young.

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Blake says the things we take for granted in life — like walking, for instance — can be taken from you in a flash, and he wants all the young’ns and old who might be listening to take notice — and take advantage.

He tells anybody who might not be living right to turn things around, as he assures them they don’t wanna end up like him … with unbearable pain, which he documents in great detail.

He also addresses the African-American community at large — and it’s pretty uplifting.

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Jacob Blake has been through hell, loosing the ability to walk is not an ideal thing but here he is preaching unity, gratitude and good deeds.



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