Jake Paul Unbothered About FBI Home Raid Which is Tied to Arizona Looting Case

Jake Paul Unbothered About FBI Home Raid Which is Tied to Arizona Looting Case

Jake Paul Unbothered  about the recent raid in his Calabasas home.

He claims he knows exactly why the FBI raided his home and, for now at least, he doesn’t seem too concerned — but making unfriending some people and choosing who his friends are.

The YouTube star posted a video imploring his fans to ignore rumors about him being in serious legal trouble after the feds showed up in force at his Calabasas crib.

Jake says it’s only an “investigation” related to his trespassing case in Arizona.


Recall, he was cited a couple months ago during looting that went down at a Scottsdale mall.

However, Jake did point a finger at someone close to him in the video … which he’s since deleted.

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He said things about people close to him “doing malicious things.”

He’s hinting he caught a now former friend talking crap about him after the raid, but says he’s handled the situation.

Truth is Jake Paul is Unbothered

Jake Paul Unbothered- sinzuuliveblog
Jake with ex-gf Tana and Dog

He is not even paying much attention to the case. A picture was taken of him on Wednesday as he took his Golden Retriever for a stroll around his neighborhood.

He was joined by ex-GF — and fake wife — Tana Mongeau.

Maybe Tana’s helping him stay focused.  As you know, they got “married” in Las Vegas in July 2019, though there was never any evidence it was real. but they later split.


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The 2 were seen putting on their masks on, but it looks like the dog kept his face covering around his neck … in favor of a mouthful of the leash.

He greeted the photographers pretty well and chatted them up about his upcoming boxing match– he seems in good spirit.

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 TMZ reports Jake’s not backing out of his boxing match with NBA star Nate Robinson despite the mysterious FBI investigation surrounding him, and has been focused on training to take his mind off the ordeal.


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