Jake Paul, YouTube personality L.A Home Was Raided by FBI Agents

Jake Paul, YouTube personality L.A Home Was Raided by FBI Agents

Jake Paul L.A Home was raided by FBI and firearms were seized — now in the hands of the Sheriff .

Reports reveals that guns aren’t the reason the feds stormed the place with a warrant.

 There were multiple guns taken from Jake’s crib in Calabasas during Wednesday’s FBI raid, and they’re now being held by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for safekeeping — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

The raids were somehow connected to looting at a Scottsdale, Arizona, mall … where Jake and his friend were front and center.

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Jake’s Calabasas mansion

It seemed like weapons may have been what drove the FBI to get a search warrant to forcefully raid Jake Paul L.A. home, as well as his friend’s home in Vegas.

Aerial footage of the scene from ABC 7 showed law enforcement officials walking down Jake’s driveway with rifles and perhaps shotguns.

Jake Paul- sinzuuliveblog

Sheriff’s deputies seized the guns once FBI agents entered the home because the house was not secured and deputies couldn’t just leave the guns laying around.

TMZ Sources stress the guns were not taken as evidence of any crime, or FBI agents would have taken them themselves.


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He had 2 large guns prominently displayed in his bedroom, which were casually displayed in a recent YouTube prank.

Jake can still get the firearms back … if he wants the guns returned, he will have to show he owns them and provide proof of purchase.

Jake Paul- sinzuuliveblog
FBI Troops that raided Jake Home

Wednesday’s search comes about two weeks after Paul hosted a harsh party at the Calabasas mansion, sparking backlash due to the lack of masks and social distancing among the dozens of guests.

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Inside Jake Home

A young woman allegedly filed for rape charges with LAPD. After Allegedly being raped during the harsh party in Jake Paul’s Calabasas mansion.


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