National Enquirer Confirms: Jeff Bezos Secret Affair Story was Revealed by Michael Sanchez

National Enquirer Confirms: Jeff Bezos Secret Affair Story was Revealed by Michael Sanchez

Jeff Bezos secret affair with Lauren Sanchez was first posted by National Enquirer Tabloid… but recently its not so secret.

One person is behind the snitching, Lauren’s bro Michael Sanchez is to be blamed for the romance story between  the richest man in the world and Lauren.

Surprisingly– Lauren’s bro, Michael Sanchez, is suing the National Enquirer for character assassination … because he denies he was the rat behind the story exposing their affair. But, the National Enquirer tabloid says not so fast, stoolie.

The media outlet says Michael first contacted one of its reporters on Sept. 10, 2018, and then had subsequent conversations leading up to a face-to-face meeting on Oct. 5, 2018, where Michael revealed some text messages and pics … but did NOT say it involved Bezos or his sister.

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On Oct. 17, the reporter asked her bosses about financial parameters for a deal, and requested at least $300k. AMI Magazine, the Enquirer’s parent company, says it was around this time they first found out Michael’s information was about Bezos.

Then, according to reports, on Oct. 18 … AMI and Sanchez signed a deal for $200k. The AMI honchos at the time — Dylan Howard and James Robertson — believe that is the most they’d paid a source for a story.

A New York City meeting on Oct. 23 — between Michael, Howard and Robertson … that AMI learned their bird was chirping about his own sister.

Jeff Bezos secret affair- sinzuuliveblog

According to the docs by TMZ, it was during this meeting Michael mentioned having a sneaky pic of Bezos … sent to him by Lauren.


AMI says Michael told them in November … Lauren and Jeff were not “in cooperation with him.” He added, “Neither one have a clue.”

Cut to January 2019 … the Enquirer finally publishes the story, and Bezos goes nuts trying to find out their source.

You’ll recall, the Amazon honcho hired investigators and publicly theorized the Saudis might have hacked his phone and sold the info to AMI.

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Also, according to the Publication, Michael went on the record claiming the Enquirer called HIM first, simply trying to confirm the affair.

That’s why AMI says it had to issue a press release defending itself and pointing Michael as its 6ix9ine.

AMI points out it would never have paid him $200k just to confirm information.

AMI is now asking the judge to toss Michael’s lawsuit because they say they didn’t lie about him being the source.

Despite the apparent family back-stabbing … Lauren and Jeff are still happily together and very publicly traveling arm-in-arm around the world.

Jeff Bezos secret affair- sinzuuliveblog

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Jeff is still married to MacKenzie Bezos. They have four children; one daughter, who they adopted from China, and three sons. Jeff was adopted himself at a young age by his stepfather, Cuban immigrant Miguel.


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