Jury Finds Bill Cosby Liable Of Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Girl

A jury has awarded one of Bill Cosby’s victims $500,000 after he was found liable of sexual assaulting the woman at the Playboy Mansion when she was 16-years-old back in 1975.

Judy Huth testified in court and recalled the moment when she and a friend,aged 17, met Cosby on a film set. She said the comedian invited them to the Playboy Mansion as his guests a few days later and noted he was alone  with her in a bedroom when he attempted to put his hand down her pants as reported by TMZ.

Additionally, Huth said she lied to Cosby about having her period so he could stop but he exposed himself then forced her to touch his genitals.

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Cosby didn’t attend the trial but the jury was shown his deposition video from 2015 where he denied the allegations. He claims he didn’t meet her but Hugh’s attorney showed a photo of the two at the Playboy Mansion.

Cosby’s defense claims Huth’s allegations were an attempt for her to receive money. Huth reportedly addressed the case after she started experiencing anxiety attacks and filed in December 2014. The comedian’s defense team is planning to file an appeal.

“What happened today wasn’t a victory, because they didn’t get the punitive damages,”

She says her panic attacks were triggered from 2014 to 2018 when Cosby was sent to prison for a separate sexual assault case involving Andrea Constand. However, Huth says she was pleased with the verdict as her case is the first to make it to trial.

“I was elated. It has been so many years, so many tears.”

According to CNN, more than 50 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault since 2005.  After he was convicted of sexually assaulting Constand, Cosby served nearly three years in a Pennsylvania prison before his conviction was overturned due to an appeal. He was released in September 2021.

“What we saw today was justice, justice for all Americans. Mr. Cosby’s conviction being overturned is for the world and all Americans who are being treated unfairly by the judicial system and some bad officers.”

We are thrilled to have Mr. Cosby home. He served three years of an unjust sentence and he did it with dignity and principle,” his lawyer Jennifer Bonjean said in a statement. Constrand’s team said they were disappointed in the conviction being overturned.

“It may discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault in the criminal justice system from reporting or participating in the prosecution of the assailant or may force a victim to choose between filing either a criminal or civil action,”


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