Kourtney Kardashian not Jealous of Scotts New Young Girlfriend

Kourtney Kardashian‘s and Scott Disick‘s are on the best terms they’ve been on in a long time, and she sees no need to get involved in his relationships — as long as he’s happy, and there’s no negative effect on their children.

Kourtney is not jealous Scott got a new, girl on his arm — in fact, she actually thinks it’s good for him and their kids.

Kourtney has no issue with Scott’s latest fling, 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, because it’s not impacting his parenting…Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ .

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Reports say he continues to be there for their 3 kids, just like he was when he was dating Sofia Richie.

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Lord Disick hit the beach with Amelia this week, proving he can’t stay single for very long and he’s got a thing for attractive young women with famous parents.

Kourtney likes when Scott is dating someone, because that’s when he’s the most grounded, happy and responsible as a parent– sources close to them reveal.


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