Lifespan: Shorter People May Live Longer than Tall People New Study Reveals


According to a new study, your height may have a part in your lifespan, and shorter people may live longer than taller ones.

According to a CNBC article

Shorter people are now predicted to live longer lives due to their health and body chemistry. Those with smaller bodies have lower death rates and fewer diet-related chronic diseases, according to researchers, especially those in their middle age.

According to Jean-Marie Robine, an expert demographer, the cells in a taller person’s body require more cell replication, which can cause you to become exhausted faster.

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According to other data, the average height of women reflects their longevity, since the average American woman beyond the age of 20 is roughly 4-foot-4. Women’s average height worldwide is roughly 5-foot-3.

According to David Sinclair, co-director of Harvard Medical School’s Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research, the height difference between men and women is attributable to growth hormone levels.

Women, according to Robine, are more resistant to mortality and death than men because they are more robust in the face of adversity. He theorized that women, in terms of their children, feel more responsibility for others, which makes them stronger.

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“As long as a man is staying healthy without disability, his level of mortality is the same as the level of a woman. But men are poorly surviving if they are not in very good health. And women are much more resistant to ‘not perfect’ health.
“It’s just so amazing women are living longer because it is well-known and well-acknowledged that our societies are not treating women very well, so we would expect the opposite.”

The findings also prompted discussion on Twitter since shorter people felt like their height was finally recognized as a desirable trait rather than a flaw.