Los Angeles Kings mascot Accused of Sexually Harassing a Female

Los Angeles Kings mascot is under hot seat as the man that play “Bailey” is sued for allegedly sexually harassing a female “Ice crew” staffer.

The woman behind the lawsuit is using the alias Jane Doe to protect her identity — but says she was hired for the Crew in 2018 to work fan events for the Kings and the Ontario Reign (the Kings’ AHL affiliate).


When Tim Smith — the man who plays “Bailey” the lion mascot — habitually launch sexually charged comments in her direction.

She also claims Smith was not just a performer, but managed the Ice Crew and wields the power to hire and fire people.

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But, Jane alleged that Smith created a terrible environment for female employees — constantly cracking lewd jokes, making inappropriate sexual comments and would stare at her “breasts and buttocks” … making her feel super uncomfortable.

Jane Doe claims she made it clear the advances and comments were unwanted — but Smith strike back against her by firing her from the Ice Crew.

Los Angeles Kings mascot- sinzuuliveblog
Bailey Seems to be having too much fun with beautiful ladies

As Jane acknowledged Smth’s embarrassing  conduct– a team official begged her to come back and promised to shield her from Smith.

Amidst her return, Jane claims Smith was back to his old tricks … and even describes an incident where he allegedly put his genital in her face in the mascot locker room while making nasty comments and thrusting his hips.

Jane says she ran out of the locker room and later quit for good.

She’s now suing Smith along with the Kings and AEG, which owns the hockey team.

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She’s claiming sexual harassment, retaliation and more — and demanding more than $1 million in damages.

We hope the Los Angeles Kings mascot would learn his lessons.



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