Love like Oxygen-Deep Heart Touching Love Letter to her

Love like Oxygen 

Your Love is like Oxygen, it adds more years to my life. You are the serene air that I breathe, the very ingredients of love that i need, you have touched my heart, my soul and my mind.

Your charisma is euphoric, I feel so possessed.

Love Like Oxygen- sinzuulive

Everything about you enchants me, your drama feels like a thrilling romantic movie, i can’t even wrap my mind around wanting to cause you pain or heart break, those thoughts doesn’t exist.

Candied thought overwhelm my mind when I think of you.

Love like Oxygen- sinzuulive

I can’t comfortably comprehend that you are human, sometimes I pinch myself the hardest, hoping to wake myself up from the drunken stupor of tenderness that i feel.

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For a moment I was convinced that I was in heaven; I even danced to the tune of the angels. As i slightly opened my eyes I realized I was not in heaven but that an angel had come down to earth, just for me.

The melody of your voice surpasses that of the greatest orchestra belting out its very best composition.

Your skin is softer than the finest satin and glows radiantly illuminating like the sun, setting over a serene pool of crystal clear water.

Your eyes dance like a field of tulips, promulgating the exotic beauty from within your innermost being.

Words alone fall short to express accurately how I feel about you.

Love like Oxygen- sinzuulive

You comfort my soul, you patiently took the pain to understand me. You dry my lonely tears.

Just like herb, you heal all my scars, with a tipsy feeling .

Loving you is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will forever cherish the moments we have spent together.

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Every night I dream of Elysian Fields, and I’d gotten used to the idea that they are looking for an angel, one that went missing the day you stepped into my life, the day all my sorrows were washed away and I took a step into the impossible, crossing the margin from natural to supernatural.

How can i stop day dreaming about you, thinking about you is like breathing, love like oxygen.

I cherish you, for your memory I will treasure forever till the day I turn into an angel like you. Eternally Yours……


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