MadCap Woman and Young Son Climbed Into A Crocodile Pit To Fetch Her Floating Wallet

MadCap Woman and Young Son Climbed Into A Crocodile Pit To Fetch Her Floating Wallet

Madcap Woman climbed into an alligator pit with her young son, to fetch her wallet  and its currently going viral.

The fearless woman wandered freely near dozens of gators and a bunch of kids watched in horror.

The shocking scene played out on Saturday at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota. This fearless woman stunned onlookers watching her and son risk life and limb.

From the clip, the woman’s wallet was floating in the middle of a small pond, choked full of crocodilian … and her daring son was dangerously thirsty to get it back.

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She Threw a stone into the pond to distract the gators, then used her hand to pick out her wallet

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The only smart move she made was figuring out a way to distract the sharp-toothed animals long enough to grab her floating wallet– The kid came up empty, but momma became a daredevil hero.

Thankfully, the hot head mother and son survived, so we can all have a good laugh now about someone else’s kid yelling “s*** happens” to sum up the adventure.


The zoo’s not laughing though.

Sources close to the wildlife park reveals staffers did not know about the incident until the video started going viral, and park honchos are very disturbed.

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We’re told the zoo wants to press charges against the woman for child endangerment, if she’s identified.

The park has fences and signs not only to protect guests, but also the animals.




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