Maryam Sanda Sentenced to death by hanging for killing Husband Bilyaminu Bello

Maryan Sanda Wails
Maryam and Late husband Bello

Maryam Sanda, sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello

by Abuja High Court in Maitama.

The court found Maryam guilty of killing her husband on Monday, January 27, 2020.

Sanda had on November 19, 2017 stabbed her husband, Bilyaminu who was son of, Dr Haliru Bello,

a former Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman to death following an allegation of infidelity

against him after seeing a text message on his phone.

The judge slowed the conviction for 5 minutes because of the drama that ensued after the conviction

was passed. According to reports, Sanda fled the dock immediately the judge convicted her.

However, court officials and prisons officials dragged her back.

The judge was forced to rise after several women started wailing in the court room
One of them who made attempt to approach Maryam was ordered to be taken away by the judge.

Justice Yusuf Halliru rose for 5 minutes to return for sentencing.

He held that there was evidence coupled with Sanda’s testimony and statement to the police.

The judge ordered that she should be remanded in Suleja prison till she exhausts her right of appeal.

Justice Yusuf detailed  the offense for which the Maryam was convicted was based on Section 221

of the Penal Code.

It has been said that thou shall not kill. Whoever kills in cold blood shall die in cold blood

Maryam Sanda should reap what she has sown,” The Justice added , “it is blood for blood.

Maryam kept wailing and shouting “Inna lilahi Inna roji hun”, while efforts were being made by her

family and lawyer to console her.


Maryam Sanda
Maryam Mother weeping

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