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Memories we create and live through is our call to Destiny.

The moments we are happy, broken, sad, thrilled, afraid, our first love, first kiss, lustful moments, crazy moments, moments we are chasing shadows, passionate moments, moment of tribulation, moments of hardship, moment of massive success.

No matter the moment we pass through, always remember it doesn’t last forever.

Memories- Sinzuulive
Moments; Child Suckling on Mothers breast

Its like a man dreaming he is eating and wakes up hungry, like a thirsty woman who dreams, she is drinking but wakes up with a dry throat.

There is different season, in a year. Memories is like season, ‘springsummerfall, and winter’ continuous evolution until our time elapse.

That is why its beautiful, eternal and comforting to build, create and live through memorable moments.

We are strangers in this world, this world is not our home.

We should Love deep, enjoy, reminisce and talk about the moments, but remember that every evocation, is captured both in the sight of a lens and the eye of the Creator.

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The light, the sky, the moon, the sun, the roof, the walls are witness to every moment.

It is folly to always wish for happy moments, instead wish for moments of impact, because moments of impact, are tales, in the mouth of a story teller.

With a bold heart endure every moment because it won’t last forever.

Remember wishes do come true, your imagination is a mirror of what you desire for the future.

Don’t forget that hard moments, mold you to enjoy moments of joy.

We have different faces, different birthdays, different baggage, destiny, call, mission, different story it all differ, nothing is complete, because mortals are created in imperfection, how can an imperfect creature have a perfect life?.

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Keep believing, focus, dream, think deep, love deep, be honest, choose hard roads, be weird, make a difference, make an impact, motivate, innovate and remember to always have an extra source of oil, energy to fuel your visions, face your fears, sacrifice, deny your flesh, giving willingly.

Never get lost in this imaginative world, always have in mind home lives in our heart we just have to find it.