The Ugly Truth Behind The Demand For Sex After A Man Meets A Woman

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Men are kids and they need love, assurance and attention.

Men also have mood swings, bad day at work, depression, failure etc.

When a man express himself to a lady, Its not always sex related, most times they want that mummy’s pampering, a lady to make him feel wanted, make him see the light in his hustle, generally to make him feel enough.

Some men when they meet a lady for the first time, their initial intention is not based on lust, what makes them think about sex is the attitude received, then his monkey mind kicks in because some feel like giving up on a lady  is weakness.

A ladies manner of approach and character determines most men intention, when you pepper some men then he assert strongly in his mind, this lady can’t give me what I want let me just ”chop her once and clean mouth” or just manage her till the right one comes through.


Women tend to request for money, gift etc from men they barely know– not that its wrong for your ‘man’ to spoil you but it has to reach the stage of him being ‘yours’.

Men, want sex after meeting a lady

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How can a reasonable lady bill a man or request for gifts from someone they just met, or ask him for recharge card just to save his number, might be a form of test but that approach automatically changes his heart and mind.

If he eventually succumbs to the request, in his mind, the connection has turned into a game and he is just waiting, smiling and paying more just for the right moment to take everything he gifted to you in bed.


This mindset is degrading, and false– all men are not the same, for a fact there are still men of integrity but maybe they are few and maybe as a lady you only attract the wrong men… Please don’t take it out on all men.

how can you know all men when you dated a few of them ?

Men, want sex after meeting a lady

Its a false statement to even imagine that all men are the same, men differ, both in age, height, intelligence, wisdom, intellect, look, mindset, want, need etc.

Give some men a chance to express there self, stop acting and responding savagely, ”I already know what he is after”, let me pepper him, let me stress him, let me make him feel like he’s on a long queue.

Most men hate hearing this statement, it makes them careless, and they act without thinking thoroughly, because he feels that his best will only make him what you picture him as.

If this man tends to stay, there is a part of him that will become impatient and his mind will picture everything as a game, his true intention will change from wanting love to wanting just sex, because you already put a prize on your head.


Most women feel like drama is the only way to know if a man  likes/ loves them or not, unknowingly to these women, drama which takes away peace make this men less romantic and turns there heart/attention away from the #relationship #friendship.

You can’t humble a man with drama, instead you are making your self less attractive, that is when most men wakes up from there slumber and no matter how beautiful, both in body and in face you are, he will cheat or leave for another.

Men, want sex after meeting a lady

Dear women, if you offer a man Peace, you have dominated him unknowingly, he will be kind and patient and pamper you till you are ready to have sex and even put a ring on your finger.

Every Man is fighting a secret battle, be it (responsibilities, life, family, growth, money, work etc).

Selfishness welcomes hurtful feelings, when she’s self centered the man will seek peace, joy/ happiness else were, this is why side chicks keeps winning. 

Men are sensitive, no matter how strong they might appear, some don’t like expressing there weakness.

As a woman you need to work on your self, the same goes to men, learn how to appreciate little or big efforts, manage your relationship/ marriage, don’t wish make it happen by your actions and be responsible and kind in manifesting this.. you don’t need a reason to be caring.. every good man needs a good woman.


Some Women tend to lie even for the silliest reason not that men don’t lie.

Most women believe that lying open doors, or makes them more relevant, but its the dumbest thing to believe.

As a woman when you lie to a man, you intend on spending the rest of your life with, he will figure it out at a long run, thereby scarring him for life, there is nothing like white lie, just a little lie would create room for bigger lies.

When a man lacks trust in you, he only stays with you because of sex, or maybe he hasn’t seen someone else, and it doesn’t matter how little the lie is, be it disappointment to attend an event kind of lie, Achievement kind of lie, or age kind of lie, or even

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carrier lie, or where about lie, or even who gifted you goodies kind of lie.

Most men will take it to heart and when a lie enters nothing will come out as truth, its just a matter of time before both parties part ways.

Truth is important in a relationship, lies will only lead to more lies, desist from it and be a responsible #girl, #woman, #lady, #mother, #man, #men, #boy.

If you want genuine friendship/ relationship build it with truth from the foundation, allow a man to show what he truly is before judging him.

Most handsome men are single likewise beautiful ladies, don’t tag someone a fuck boy or a whore without learning the truth about them.