Michigan Pyromaniac Woman Arrested After Setting A Jeep On Fire

Michigan Pyromaniac Woman has been arrested after successfully setting a jeep on fire and causing it to explode.

Sydney Parham ended up injured and now sitting with the pains behind bars.

Parham made news for all the wrong reasons last week in the Detroit suburb of Harrison Township … where she’s allegedly seen on video dousing a black Jeep with gasoline and setting it on fire.

Michigan Pyromaniac Woman- sinzuuliveblog
The Jeep that was set on fire

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When the jeep ignited in flames, Parham got more than she bargained as the explosion knocked her back on the ground.

Michigan Pyromaniac Woman Parham was arrested for arson and is in jail instead of paying $20,000. As for why she torched the Jeep … the owner of the SUV, Avery Stephens, says he’s got no idea.

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Stephens reportedly said he is NOT Parham’s BF but he does know her. Still … has no idea what motivated her to torch a Jeep he’s owned for just a couple of months.




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