Most Celibate Men Are Sex gods, Women Worship There Phallus | Article

Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog

Most celibate men are sex gods, but some ignorant people might say– how could we make a woman feel enraptured ?..

To be better at any skill, there should be denial, consistency, knowledge, training, and practice.

All hasty lustful beings, have zero knowledge of contentment\satisfaction, because they are doing it all wrong.

You can’t jump 1 and count 4, but you see many are jumping the basic of reaching a full blown orgasm.

Just like a friend once revealed, his first time, which he failed woefully in.

He slide into the wrong hole — funny right.

Most Celibate Men

Am sure he was too young and didn’t have any knowledge of what he was venturing into.

This article is not judging anybodies view on sex but its revealing insight on how to enjoy a more creative sustaining sex life.


Humans differ, and some are born aroused, they have more sex drive than others and some don’t.

A relationship that is fixed, will fail woefully, there should be compromise, flexibility, communication, faithfulness, patience and loyalty.

Basically the whole idea of sex is to create cute little beings called babies, and also for a satisfactory mind-blowing orgasm.


Men who practice celibacy – even for a short time – often see increased testosterone levels and feel more intimate with their partner if they finally have one.

It can give relationships time to blossom as friendships, before complicating them with sex.

This can allow for a deeper connection with your partner. Many people find that getting to know someone is easier without the added pressure and messiness of sexual intercourse.

This article will create an open door for connectivity with your partner before enjoying the fruit, not saying you should become celibate when you have a partner, but in the process of finding a suitable partner, celibacy would be a holy grail.

Do you ever ask your partner how they want it served ?, there should be a discussion concerning sex before having sex..

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Stop feeling like you know what you are doing, because you learnt that a nerve exist doesn’t mean you can be able to stimulate it right.

Ask questions, nurture and grow the emotion, take it slow and hasten the drive, vibrate, twist and whine it, listen and pay attention to the flow.

Addiction to sex, takes away the edifying feeling– I shouldn’t feel low vibrational energies, after an intercourse, there should be rejuvenation not a burning sensation that will turn into ashes, there should be an exceptional meaning to it, not just a one night stand.

Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog

Ooh it was good while it lasted kind of feeling, or all i could remember of our relationship is the sex.

sex is sacred, we should treat it with respect.

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Its not easy to create another human just by exchanging fluid, that fertilizes an egg.

Denying self is of great importance to enjoy an electrifying sex life, because you spend more time to connect with your future partner, you research more, discover more and learn more, so once you find that twin flame, soul mate, kindred spirit connection the fire won’t burn out but stay lit.

The truth is this, when you pay a prostitute, 95% don’t get to enjoy the romance before getting to the actual pounding, prostitutes work with time.

When sex is with different people, you don’t get to figure out how your partner wants it to be served or were to improve in, it takes consistency, practice and knowledge to reach a full grown orgasm for a woman, not a fake one like most tend to display.

This might be going way off point, but we are right on track for the journey just begun…


>A celibate man is like a sweet smelling incense, you will perceive them once you come across one that have spent years in self denial.

>Most celibate men are like a bee Xylocopa sonorina they release sex pheromones, and it can be detected by potential mates, especially older women tend to smell them easily, don’t ask me how I know this things — staying next to that person may make you feel intoxicated.

>Most of them tend to take very good care of there body, more than men who are frequently satisfying there desire, there is more time to care for your physique, your spiritual life, your mental state and emotional state… to enjoy a satisfactory sex the body, mind, soul needs to be well taken care of (zero stds)

Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog

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A man that have lived in self denial, is more sexually active… when you actually have sex with a celibate man then you would understand more, they can cum multiple times and still retain a hard on, its like magic.

Denying the body of sex, puts you in a state of  discovery,  taking control of your sexual desires automatically makes you a god, not many can do that or deny there body for that long.

When a celibate man finally wants to have sex, he would definitely make it a memorable one… I wouldn’t throw all that years away just for a lousy sex or to settle with a one night stand, there needs to be romance, passion, love, drive and intensity.

Most celibate men study the act of love making, they have had more time to think through the positions, the depth and the need to make there partner champion them a ”Sex god”..


Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog

Paraphrasing — I have been sex starved for 4 years and 9 months, unbelievable right but its true, I wouldn’t be writing this article if i haven’t (Zero kisses, Masturbating etc )

Celibacy is really effective and nourishing and its also a cure for sexual addiction and sexually transmitted demons, if you haven’t read that exceptional article click here.

Celibacy is power, you will end up discovering that you have supernatural powers– I won’t go into that but it exist.

Nasty sex is sometimes not a satisfactory intercourse, some might say its the best, that they enjoy it rough and wild, but believe me nobody in there right mind enjoys been raped.

Being a god is to be in control of self—Not others but your own being .

When you are in a position to deny your sex drive as a man with all the urges and veins pushing you to pound a meat, I believe that makes you a sex god”.

When some hear celibacy, they think ahhh what a novice, that is a big fat lie.

Being celibate is taking control from your inner demons, in-fact most of us were retired sex addicts, and we earned trophy’s and good reputation at pounding that meat in ways, that will turn even a nun into a slut .. or have you ever had anyone bang your soul ? …

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Some might say otherwise but it’s really dangerous to be an empathetic Pisces, every thrust is intense,  it’s a trap.

I bet some don’t know that you have to marinate the mind first with luscious words before the sexual organs , thereby making the p***y dripping wet, and throbbing to be bumped — it doesn’t even end there.

Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog
Most Celibate Men

Every part of the body is an instrument of captivity, for a man the eyes- nose- lips – beard- chest -hands -fingers- leg- d**k is a big tool… It’s a skill that the hasty feet will always fail at.

To satisfy a woman you need to figure out her sensitive spots (touch her in the right places ) don’t rush down to the “V”,  thats for amateurs and should be the last part of the bargain — why am I sounding like a road side demon trying to buy a soul.

Female orgasm normally occur during intense, slow and captivating thrust– slow and steady, tilling in deep and deeper, until she immerse and absorb the passion, its a technique and depends on her body rhythm then you will know when to apply speed or pressure… its a process..,

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Regardless you have to stimulate every vein (back, nipples, neck, ear, rib cage, thigh, buttock etc ) be patient and attentive.

For a woman to reach an orgasm, you have to bring her to a state of bliss, every other thought has to be rid of her mind, yes it’s in the mind– the orgasm has to take place there and the manifestation is seen dripping out of her.

You have to totally merge with her mind and convince her to relax and trust you and know when it’s time go fast and when to go slow, know when it’s time to stir the eggs and flip her around, of course you need a strength that can endure and strong hands, even if she is BBW it’s all a skill.


Am a little bit savage, because I will definitely make her beg for it, I won’t relay all my secrets on this article, but am thinking about sex recently so it won’t be a bad idea to get a little lust out of my thoughts, am human and have been constantly waking up with cum in my boxers, celibacy has it’s frustrating and embarrassing moments… the cum is not stimulated by nocturnal emission, but nature taking place ( I don’t really masturbate).

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All this fantasy is meant for one special lady, she has to be really special and the right soul, it really has been 4 years and 9 months of starvation, thank God… but am definitely going to end up paralyzing her legs for a while.

I pray she don’t die from pleasure  BTW I have been reading scary death by sex stories lately.

Back to base — been celibate might sound scary and hard but believe me it’s grace, focus and trial.

I trust my self now to stick and be faithful to one lucky woman, she is just so lucky, getting everything in one, faithful, wise, hard working, caring, intellectual, naughty, funny, sound, spiritual and a sex symbol.


Most celibate men- sinzuuliveblog

>Pray for grace of God.

>Abstain from watching porn or any sexually influence movies.

>Don’t look at a woman lustfully, don’t even stare at her buttocks, thighs or boobs especially for starters.

>Don’t go around kissing or gazing at a woman’s eyes.

>Preferable don’t masturbate .

>Don’t read erotic stories for starters.


>It enhances your spiritual life.

>Cures you from sexually transmitted demons, sexual addiction and lust.

>You will tend to become more faithful and focused in your forth coming relationship etc

Every beginning has an end, I would have added more insight that could get some dripping wet ‘BUT’ am keeping that part for my special lady.. Please be kind enough and drop a comment and just maybe I could add more of those mind blowing part…