My heart desires to feel loved again | love poem

My heart desires

My heart desires to feel loved again.

The vulnerability and tenderness that accompany submission.

To trust dauntlessly without dread of being exploited or deceived.

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I wish to behold an essence like mine.

A soul that truly honors the nourishment of quiet living.

An eccentric figure who lives their truth.

A conscious being that I can merge with.

I will be her shade in summer and she will be my warmth in winter.

A divine heart that embraces the magic of giving and receiving love.

An unworldly mind who is easy to please.

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Someone worthy of my poetic empathy.

So when I gaze into her immaculate eyes, I will visualize myself.

As I caress and grasp her lovingly and affectionately,

I will become more immersed in her significance.

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