You Possessed My Heart with a Hello Love Letter to Her

My heart Letter- sinzuulive


Never in my wildest dream did I think I would meet a lady that could possess and win my heart at “Hello”.

Every seconds from when I wake up till deep in the darkness, there is no place on earth I would rather be than cuddling and caressing you tenderly.

My heart Letter- sinzuulive
my heart letter

You are a rare gem among stone, a woman with unique and intriguing qualities, this drive my yearning wild.

Never in my wildest thoughts until the day I discovered you, have I wanted to bring a seed into this world, to share everything, offering you a part of my world.

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Your words penetrate through my skin, my bone and reside in my heart.

I wish to grow old with you– making every moment passionate. I want us to fulfill destiny together.

Just the thought of offering my total sensitivity and adventurous life in solidarity brings these euphoric responsiveness to me, it chills my spine like I have never experienced before.

My heart Letter- sinzuulive

I can’t think about life without your thoughts popping in my head, my world revolves round you.

I have heard tales of possessed heart, but never have i imagined my self being dominated by the love you give.

You control my mind, i could feel your charms allover me.

Its scary for me to comprehend how addictive your love is, but i wish not to be redeemed from this spell, for your love is like wine it gets stronger with age.

My mind is made and my heart is taken, am yours and you are mine.

I don’t wish to share for am greedy, you are a part of me so be mine forever.

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A wise man once told me:

“When it is real, you will know,” … I know.

Much Love, warm hugs & passionate kisses, to you .

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