“My Wife to be killed Our Baby” – Man Cries out

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A colleague of mine shared the most heartbreaking story, you will ever hear, am still in shock, he needs your opinions please. Things are really happening !!!
Note : This story is 18+

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A few months ago I proposed to my girlfriend of 2 years and guess what!!
She said Yes!!
I loved Blessing with all of me and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with her.

I have thought of means to express my love and show her how important she’s to me, so I decided to throw her a surprise party and invited most of our family and friends.

Yes I was nervous and always had this feeling that she wasn’t ready for this next step “Marriage” but she happily said Yes and that made me happy and my nerves were calmed.
That night, the sex was special, no need for condom, she’s aka my wife, are you kidding me I poured all my DNA into her womb, I never knew sex can be that pleasurable.

After the hot steamy session, she started quarreling with me, asking me why I didn’t use the pull out method, I asked her why ?.. are you not my wife again ?, am ready to face the consequences, are you kidding me, I want to make cute human called baby.

I calmed the situation, pet her and washed her plate clean (I gave her head), we slept and the night passed and morning came.

Everything was going smoothly, our love was booming until three months later, we have completed introduction rights, and I even fixed a date for our wedding..

I started making arrangements, printing wedding card, paid for decoration, every night I was crossing dates on my calendar. I couldn’t wait, I was getting married to the love of my life.
Few weeks to our wedding, she became sick.

I was worried, I told her I will take her to the hospital the next morning, I was just rubbing her stomach,  saying my bundle of joy I know you are the one making mummy sick, please take it easy on my wife ooh.

She smiled and was like how do you know its pregnancy ? , I was like, are you telling me all this my thick cum is not entering, I smiled.
The next morning, on our way to the hospital, I received an urgent work call so I dropped her at the hospital and rushed to work.

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When I called few hours later, she told me it was malaria and she has already received treatments..deep in my heart, I was just waiting for her to tell me that she’s pregnant- I was like didn’t the doctor say anything else, she said no, ”I said in my mind no rush, we still have a lifetime together” – I told her I love her and ended the call.

On my way home, I bought her fruits, her favorite meal, and gifts, still anticipating for her to pop the news, she didn’t utter a word to me.

Few days later, she woke up one morning and told me she wanted to go to her friends place and stay for a while, that she needed all the help she can get while planning for the wedding and since am busy with work,  am not of much help..
I told her she can go ahead and plan all she want with her friends..
Before she left, I had to give her injection lol, spoilt child ooh, Yes we made love that morning before she left..I loved this woman so damn much..

One faithful evening, she called me and asked me, if am coming home early, I told her, “YES”  I will be home early.  I came back home, my wife to be was sitting on the sitting room floor crying, I was not expecting that .
When I rushed to her, she was seriously bleeding..
I shouted OMG!!..I was shocked, I carried her in my arms and rushed to the car..
I drove like a mad man to the hospital, I was not about to lose my wife!!!
On getting to the hospital..she was admitted..
I was told to wait outside..thats the most frustrating 3 hours of my life..
I prayed all the prayers I know in this world, I was gradually loosing it, all sorts of thoughts was just creeping in !!

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When the doctor finally came out, he gave me the most shocking news of my life!!
My Wife to be had an abortion, and it was done by a quack physician ..
The baby was already 3 months old, I always had this feeling she was pregnant, but she always denied it.

I stood there speechless, tears rolled down, all I could say is why ? , why ?

The doctor touched my shoulder and said to me there were complications and she lost her womb in the process..

I froze ..
I couldn’t move!!

The doctor was telling me, you can go in and see her.

I shouted Blessing!!!
Just Why!!
Why would she do this to me!!

My heart grew cold..I don’t even know how to confront her..

I walked out of the hospital, angry, frustrated and betrayed.

WHY ME ?????

Deep in my heart I know its our baby.

What reason can she give me..The Love of my Life Killed Our Baby!!

I can’t even face her, am confused.




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