NBA players that have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

NBA players that have Tested Positive for Coronavirus
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NBA Players- sinzuulive
Postponed Matches

Rudy Gobert of Utah Jazz’s team tested positive for coronavirus test  and this prompted the NBA to postpone matches.

This also served as a tipping point as other sports organizations followed by either postponing or cancelling events.

Other NBA players have also tested positive to COVID-19, since Gobert’s revelation.

NBA Players- sinzuulive
v Rudy Gobert


Marcus Smart of Boston Celtics announced on Twitter he is positive for coronavirus on March 19.

He also had a message for a certain segment of the population: “The younger generation in our country MUST

self distance. This is not a joke.”

Brooklyn Nets – Kevin Durant said he was one of four Nets players who had tested positive for the coronavirus

on March 17. Durant spoke with The Athletic, saying he feels fine: “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and

quarantine. We’re going to get through this.”

NBA Players - sinzuulive
Kevin Durant

A member of the Denver Nuggets organization tested positive for the coronavirus on March 19, the team said in a

statement. It is not immediately clear whether the person is a player, but the team said the person was tested on March

16 after “experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

NBA players- sinzuulive
Christian Wood

Christian Wood  of Detroit Pistons tested positive for coronavirus, a person familiar with the situation

told USA TODAY  Sports on March 14. Wood was the first non-Utah Jazz player to test positive for the novel


Los Angeles Lakers team announced on March 19 that two players had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

A majority of the players had the tests conducted March 18 outside the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo, California.

 The Philadelphia 76ers revealed on March 19 that three members of their organization tested positive for the novel

coronavirus. The Sixers said the tests, which were “secured and processed privately,” were recommended for certain

individuals after consultation with medical experts and the NBA.


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