Nigerian President accepts #MadagascarCure as treatment for COVID-19

Nigerian President accepts #MadagascarCure and orders the Presidential Task Force to obtain the herbal tea.

President Buhari has directed the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 to accept a consignment of a herbal tea publicized lavishly as a cure for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by the government of Madagascar.

The herbal tea produced by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA), was created from the Artemisia plant which has been used in malaria drugs. (Read previous post here).

Even though Madagascar’s national medical academy has warned that no scientific evidence has been established that COVID-Organics works, the government started handing out the herbal tea for free to citizens.

News reports over the weekend also indicated that samples of the herbal tea have been shipped to other African countries, including Nigeria.

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When quizzed by a journalist about the report during the daily briefing of the PTF on Monday, May 11, 2020, the chairman of the task force, Boss Mustapha, said Nigeria’s allocation has been sent to Guinea-Bissau.

“I have received instructions from Mr. President to make arrangements to fly the organics home with a clear instructions that I should subject it to the validation process, similar to what would happen to any other medicine or serum, or vaccine that is created internally,” he said.

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Osagie Ehanire, the Minister of Health Nigeria said- hope to be able to get a sample of the herb for analysis, as well as speak to health authorities in Madagascar, before it can be considered for deployment to Nigeria.

Nigerian President accepts #MadagascarCure- source- Pulsenigeria247


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