No classified documents found in FBI raid of Biden’s vacation home in Delaware.


The FBI searched President Biden’s home in Rehoboth, Del., on Wednesday as part of an investigation into classified information found in Biden’s files, Biden’s lawyer said.

Bob Bauer described it as a “planned search” with Biden’s “full support and cooperation.” “The FBI actually received the handwritten note,” he said. Bauer said the search yielded no classified documents, but the DOJ obtained “some materials and handwritten notes related to his time as vice president” for further investigation.

The search continued from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Rehoboth Beach search is the latest in a series of incidents in which classified documents have been found in the president’s luggage over the past three months.

Former Maryland Attorney General Robert Herr was appointed special prosecutor to investigate how they got there. Mr. Heo’s work has begun and his Ministry of Justice website is now up and running.

The Justice Department has not commented on Heo’s actions or the FBI’s search of Biden’s Rehoboth home. Biden’s lawyers searched the Rehoboth Beach vacation home as part of an investigation last month, but found no classified material.

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The search comes weeks after federal officials searched Biden’s home in Delaware for more than 12 hours for classified material. His lawyers announced last month that they had found “small amounts” of more classified documents among the personal and political documents of the Obama-Biden administration.

White House Counsel Richard Sauber said the Justice Department had been contacted and that Biden and his legal staff were working with the National Archives and the Justice Department. In November, classified materials were discovered at the Penn Biden Center, a Washington think tank office that Biden had been using for about three years.