Ooh Dear Pain | From The Heart Poem By Zuuvision

Ooh dear pain, how I love your awakening embrace, you opened my eyes with tears, smothering my heart with sorrow, you taught me through trials and tribulation, every night I cherished death, every morning I fought life.

Ooh Dear pain
Credit: artstation

Ooh dear pain, how I love your warm hands, it nudged my soul, you got me closer to the chasm of the underworld, you invited demons to seduce my mind, pushing my neck to the noose.

Ooh dear pain, you were present on the day of my birth, even without eyes, I saw you tickling my emotion, I cried for I have encountered my bovine lover, who will ride with me through the thick and thin, until the day the silver thread breaks, and my spirit transcends back to the Creator.

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I love you dear pain, thank you for showing me how vain happiness is — you make me feel alive, I feel every intense moment, quickening my mind with knowledge, understanding and wisdom, Life will definitely be meaningless without you pain…

Ooh Dear pain many write from love but I write from pain, for my passions flow from sorrow and the words express my scars.

Ooh Dear pain

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But I will live today to die another day, because you taught me well, to create my own gaiety in the midst of the storm…

Dear Reader Never Give Up On Life.. You are not Alone…


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