There Is Pain In Every Joy | Essay

There Is Pain In Every Joy | Essay

Pain vs Joy

As I sit in silence and darkness, overwhelmed by the joy that God, my Father put in my heart

with the pitter- patter sound that the rain makes on my rooftop. My imaginations sprout out

into vision of growth because the creator sent rain. This thoughts hit me hard with deeper reasoning

of what life would have been if there was no “SORROW“. my thought woke up, as i think about this

mystery for a while then answers hit me into reality, that life would have no meaning without sorrow.

It would be utterly meaningless and no knowledge would be learnt.

What good could life have been if we don’t have any challenge? would there have been any growth?,

pain vs joy - sinzuulive
Pain vs Joy

I thought about a seed that grew from a concrete, i thought about the harsh weather the seed has

to endure, i thought about the struggles it would undergo in order to obtain water and minerals

it needs for its growth, then i understood more about pain that is in joy. Pain is the beauty in joy

For nothing grows in comfort, the joy comes after the struggles of growth, this makes life complete.

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I also thought about ‘BIRTH‘, A baby is born to us today, why is it that the first emotion he or she

mother and her child- Pain vs Joy

shows is pain?  Even though he or she has spent the last 9 months in darkness, why cry to the sense of light ?

then this made me to understand that sorrow is a huge part of human life, it could never be avoided it’s a

part of who we are and we should be proud of it because it’s the first emotion we show when we are born

into the light.

I thought further than birth, I think about the rich and the poor, the people in high places and the

ones in low places all of them encounter difficulty at a certain time of there life, even though we all

chase shadow, trying to make this world a bed of roses, in processing of achieving a great wealth

we still cry. so I understood pain and I accepted it as a gift from God and became proud of it

because it can never be avoided. I question my self further does God feel pain ? Then I understood

this about the coming of Jesus Christ, a Supernatural being without sin was made sin and carried

the sin of the whole world, the pain He undergo, the agony, the suffering , even God turned His

back on His only ‘BEGOTTEN SON‘ because of the sin of the whole world, crucified, died and

was buried and rose in the third day, then I understand this that even God felt pain sacrificing

His only son, and even Christ the only son felt more pain carrying our sin, beaten, insulted and


After thinking about this for a while I called my self a fool for being angry about my

suffering and for the pain i might have felt, I called my self a fool because , God the Almighty felt pain

and sorrow and even Christ His only son felt pain and also sorrow, then who am I ? A mere mortal ,

a worthless dust, a worm, why then should I be angry about pain or sorrow, then I learnt understanding.

I found joy and was glad am suffering because it’s a part of the process of being who am supposed

to be. So I knelt down and thanked God for pain because he opened my eyes, to see that pain is part of

who we are and am using this opportunity to tell everybody out there that is going through a difficult

trial that is filled with pain and anguish that they should embrace it and don’t let it push us away

from praying to God or worshiping Him because even ‘GOD’ felt this pain, let’s be proud of it

as much as we are proud of our success because weeping may endure for a night but joy comes

in the morning remember that even through the suffering of Christ ,crucified, died and buried,

He rose from death and was honored by God and given a name greater than every other name,

when it’s been called, every kneel bows and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

be proud of who you are and be filled with words of psalms and hymn, nothing last forever

because Christ is an example . May God bless you as you think about these words and

remember that God loves you.


A mystery to the world, a ponder to thy self, Philosopher, Critical Thinker, Content creator, Creative Writer, Poet with the heart and skill of a Cinematographer- Call Me Entertainment.
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