Passionate Love with Zero Prejudice – Letter To Her


I want to start by letting you know how humbling, writing this letter makes me feel.

My joy would be complete, if you can read and understand my heart completely, then this emotion would remain strong and healthy, because I am not able to shut my love within my heart, this letter is from my heart.

Passionate Love Letter - sinzuulive

I will start by celebrating you my queen. When I see your beauty, my mind is at sea.

Setting my eyes on you for the first time made me doubt your origin, your charm was celestial, i wondered if you were truly human.

When you returned my glance, I felt a unique kind of  goosebumps, the best moments of my life, absolutely memorable.

Your eyes were like rays of an infrared beam , making me to tremble slowly, concealed by your brilliantly arched eye-brows.

Your mightiest glance kills all my masculine prowess. I am not able to fight with your feminine simplicity.

I never knew eyes can enslave a soul. You are decorated with modesty, you could conquer any man with your inner beauty, you don’t need jewels or ornaments, or a makeover to be adorned.

Passionate Love Letter - sinzuulive


I just figured out by gazing at your sacred body that i was created to love you . If I do not love you, my state of mind will be similar to that of a tree in a parched desert, which cannot flourish.

I feel that the outer parts of my body would be worthless, if there is no inner being of your love.

Your body inspire me, not even Shakespeare can define my love and fondness towards you. You are a content of my soul.

My being without your love will only be a bone covered with skin.

This passionate love letter would be sterile, if you don’t reciprocate this love, please don’t ignore these heartfelt words.

Passionate Love Letter - sinzuulive

Your love keeps me warm, i know that am not alone. Making love to you would be a bliss, am sure our soul would ultimately connect, a part of me would live in you, as yours would live in mine.

There is a physical separation of our bodies but it can never divide our thoughts.

We built this love through friendship, selflessness, forgiveness and patience, we are one .

Death is not the only way to experience heaven, because love has transforming powers, Our love can make earth look like a blissful paradise.

This love has no limit, it is permissible with a conquering force. nothing can break us. Yours till air stop flowing from my lungs and blood stops pumping in my veins.



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