R. Kelly Was Recently Attacked in Prison And Feds Say Threat Has Been Moved

R. Kelly Was Recently Attacked in Prison And Feds Say Threat Has Been Moved

R Kelly was recently attacked behind bars and he is pleading to be released on bail. 

The feds are saying that the threat has been neutralized.

R. Kelly  was ambushed and beaten by a fellow Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago inmate … he says the ambush could have cost his life.

Federal prosecutors replied to his plea, saying “Relax, it was a one-and-done”.

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Tmz reports … the feds say the attack on R. Kelly was a one-time, isolated event — and that it can’t happen again, at least not with the same guy … because he’s been moved to a new facility in Michigan.

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So, in their eyes, the threat has left the building– the document revealed.

R. Kelly claimed the attacker allegedly told a doctor on site that he needed to attack the singer for attention on his own case –but the feds disputed the claim.

Reports have it that the doctor denied that convo ever happened.


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Prosecutors claim R. Kelly continues to pose a threat to the public and is a flight risk, so he still shouldn’t be released on bail.

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The feds also point out that if R. Kelly’s still sour about his injuries … he can take it up in civil court.


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