Racial profiling: A white female Met cop detain an off-duty ambulance black male driver in #lewisham

Racial profiling is tediously making headlines in today’s society.

This particular video showing a white female police officer detaining a black man, understood to be an off-duty ambulance driver, outside his London home has gotten many angry.

As seen in the video — The cop approached the black man and asks what he was doing, to which the man says he was ‘just chilling’ and getting some fresh air while waiting for a friend.

The man adds that he lives in the area. The female cop was not satisfied with his answers.

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The officer then asks if he has ID on him and if he’s ever been arrested before. She continued: ‘At the minute, you’re going to be detained for a drugs search alright? There’s loads of intel that there’s drug dealing in this area okay?

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‘You’re here with your friends, there’s a couple of cars, and you haven’t really given me enough reason to believe that you’re here just seeing them – in the Covid-19 situation.’

The man appears calm and cooperative when the officer starts the search. But she quickly slaps cuffs on him after he tells her: ‘Don’t grab my arm like that.’

The Metropolitan Police said In a statement : ‘Officers on a proactive operation to tackle crime in Lewisham on 21 May, detained a number of individuals in the area of Gilbert Road, SE8.

Acting report received regarding drugs activity in the area, a male was detained for the purpose of a search under s23 Misuse of Drugs Act at approximately 16.57hrs.

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‘Nothing was found and the man was not arrested. ‘The man was provided with details of the officer who conducted the search, and informed of his entitlement to gain a copy of the search record and how to progress this in line with standard protocol.’

South London, lawyer David Allen Green tweeted on the incident that happened in Lewisham, he said — ‘Worth listening to just how the police officer goes from nothing to arrest.

For those without certain privileges, this is sadly not an extraordinary piece of footage.’

The video was shared by Dwayne Francis a school worker, who was detained by police earlier this month while waiting in his car for a post office to open on his commute to work.

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He accused Britain’s Met police force of racial profiling and said he has met with Chief Inspector Simon Corbin about the incident.



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