Remains Of Missing “Occupy Wall Street” Protestor Identified


NYPD investigators have confirmed the identity of the remains of a Westchester teen who went missing ten years ago. In 2020, her remains were found at a construction site in Queens.

Stevie Bates,19, disappeared in 2012 after traveling back to New York City after a cross-country trip. Her mother, Vivian Jones, said Stevie was traveling alone on a Greyhound bus from Arkansas and last heard from her after the bus made a pit stop in Pittsburgh on April 27, 2012, around 7:52 p.m.

Once she returned to New York City, the young woman’s plan was to meet up with her ex-boyfriend in Queens before visiting Jones in Yonkers.

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Jones explained that she hadn’t heard from her daughter since that night and her bus arrived in the city at 8:51 a.m. the following day.

“When I last spoke with Stevie on 4/27 she specifically told me that when she arrived in NYC she would stop in Brooklyn to meet up with her ex boyfriend, Brandon Klosterman, and come to the house the next day.  I have not heard from or seen her since.  None of her friends have seen her.  She’s had no activity on Facebook since April 26, 2012 (when she had a Facebook conversation with her ex boyfriend Brandon Klosterman, who she would be meeting up with in Brooklyn as soon as she arrived in NYC ).

Her other conversations on Facebook were with her best friend (whom she made plans to meet up with for spring break), and a few other high school friends. The friend she was to meet up with, Brandon Klosterman, claimed he hadn’t seen her since before she left NYC on April 19, 2012 to begin her travels.  She has not had any activity on her card since April 26, 2012. Stevie NEVER goes without calling me.”

In 2020, the teen’s remains were found at a construction site in Queens during excavation, and investigators said her body was wrapped up in a blanket.

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However, her cause of death is currently unknown. Before her death, the teen attended Hunter College to study Architectural Design on a full scholarship after graduating from the Bronx High School of Science.

“It is with deepest sorrow that we announce after nine long years of suffering the unknown our greatest fear has been confirmed,” Jones wrote. “Through the recent discovery of our beloved Stevie’s remains, we now know that her precious life was taken in April of 2012. We the family of Stevie Bates would like to thank you for your unwavering support and prayers throughout this catastrophic and unimaginable tragedy. Funeral arrangements and details will be posted shortly.”