Renee Gracie quit Car racing to earn £14,000-a-week as a #PornStar

Renee Gracie an Australian citizen, was the first full-time female Supercars racer but has no regrets about leaving her old career behind to sell X-rated content online.

The 25-year-old said she earned very little money racing and the financial benefits of her new career make it all worth while.

“It has put me in a financial position I could never have dreamed of and I really enjoy it — Renee Gracie told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

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“I am fine with whatever they want to call me. I am earning good money and I am comfortable with where I am at.”

Gracie said she simply lost her passion for racing even having shot to fame by joining forces with Swiss racer Simona de Silverstro at Bathurst in 2015.

She is planning to buy a property and pay it off in full within a year and will do “pretty much anything” to earn money on the site (OnlyFans).

Renee Gracie- sinzuuliveblog

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She added: “I got over it and realised I wasn’t good enough and moved on.

“I was then selling cars at a car yard, busting my a***, and a couple of fans suggested I do OnlyFans and it started from there.”

Gracie started with nude photos but having made nearly £1,700 in her first week, she quickly moved on to sharing videos of her having sex.

Her family support her decision, according to former racer who said: “Believe it or not my Dad knows about it and supports it.


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