Roses With Thorn Don’t Look Less Attractive Letter by Zuuvision

Roses with thorn

The sweet smelling flowers of your love can turn my whole garden flourish with fragrance. Without your love, my green land will become a desert.


I firmly believe that your love alone can provide true meaning to my life. The purpose of my life is to simply love you. Your love is of primary importance for me.

I am very confident that you can fulfill all my desires — you complete me. You make me feel soft but yet am an intensively expressive man that has my eyes fixed upon you.

I can assure you that there will be no quarrel in our life — “Yes” there might be an invisible thorn discomforting our gaiety of love but that wouldn’t make us look less attractive for I am born for you and am willing to take this love of ours to any extent.

Even roses have thorn

All I see is growth, even though  it seem impossible, just like a little decayed seed struggling with the concrete of life, fighting to shoot its flower and leaves to the atmosphere.

Did we succeed ? , ‘Yes’ because we grow outside our comfort zone– I am truly filled with gratitude.

Your pleasing words and company rejuvenates me especially when I exhaust my body, mind and soul.

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Roses with thorn

I am thankful to you as you are very faithful to me with your kindness and devotion. I was ignorant of the values of love before I met you.

You are my true preacher of love. I did not know the true meaning of love before coming in contact with you, though I have tried to learn what love is by reading a good number of books and watching movies.

You have taught me a new meaning to the word ‘LOVE’, which has never been learnt by me before. (Love That Never Gives Up).

Our eyes are best instruments for making love. Merely looking at you and having a glance of your beautiful limpid pool of dreamy eyes gives me great pleasure.


The love which causes pain also cures sorrow. Just keep looking at me with love. Your instant, bright, embracing glance gives me supreme delight.

It must be worrisome for you to wait for me to come online and not see me but the bitter truth is that am a struggling youth, if i don’t work hard consistently i would starve.

This doesn’t change the fact that I love you with all of me but you can see the trouble and sorrows that everyday brings.

Life is hard but you came to me like a ray of light, look how shiny you made us.

Your coming into my life is magic, you strengthen me with hope of better days.


I can destroy and solve my agonizing grief only by drinking the nectar of your love. My ever raising grief can be checked or controlled and can be remedied only by the medicine of your love.

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Your blissful eyes embrace me with gladness, comforting my spirit and helps me endure my sorrow. If I am deserted without your love, nobody else other than you can understand my sorrow and cure it.

You are the only pious, deft, devotee, loving and truthful lady in my life. I have never been lucky with women, but i found all that i seek in you. 

After seeing you I decided that I am never going to look upon any other women for love. For what i feel for you is deep, we are made for each other.

I need you to understand this, i think about you all the time, if i had enough words of comfort to live through everyday without worries, i would spend every seconds, minute and days chatting, calling and been just there for you.

This letter was written in truth and i don’t ever want you to feel unloved or unwanted because you already know that my heart beats only for you.