Scientists develop prosthetic hands controlled by the wearer’s breath

Oxford University scientists have developed a prosthetic hand for children that is powered and controlled by the wearer’s breathing. The equipment is light in weight and it is quite economical. Scientists say that it is simple to operate and its maintenance is very easy.

This prosthetic hand is beneficial for children

The prosthetic hand is very beneficial for children. Especially for the ones who are very young or whose bodies are unsuitable for existing prosthetic hands that require a harness and cable. The product is controlled by the breathing of children only. To operate this, children have to breathe and power a bladeless turbine that will control the prosthetic fingers.

The amount of air required to operate the prosthetic hand can be easily generated by the children. Moreover, the way the device is geared determines how quickly it grasps things. On July 29, the Researchers published the observations in a journal called Prosthesis.

This hand designed by a University of Oxford team is simple to use and maintain as compared to other prosthetic hands.

Scientists have made a little progress this time in developing novel methods of powering prosthesis

It had been since the early 19th century, that most prosthetic hands have used wires and were driven by the body. Most of them were not easy to maintain and expensive too. Moreover, it needed an expert for its operation and maintenance.

The Researchers believe that the gadget will benefit youngsters in underprivileged countries who may not have access to cable technology.




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