Seminude White Supremacist Savagely Punch a Lady in a Vile Vociferate

Seminude White Supremacist who was captured in a video gushing out his love for Trump and hatred for others, he later violently attacked a woman who was telling him otherwise.

The disgusting scene took place in Nokomis Florida.

Nicholas Arnold Schock is the the self-proclaimed Seminude white supremacist, who went on a rampage inside a restaurant and began screaming, “I’m a white supremacist, Aryan Nation will rule the world.

He continued — people covered in tattoos are gonna be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

Seminude White Supremacist- sinzuuliveblog
Nicholas Arnold Schock Self proclaimed white supremacist

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As seen in the video — Someone at the restaurant asked him to pipe down because kids were present, to which he responded … “I don’t give a f***, call Donald Trump, please.”

Afterwards he hurled some disgusting impropriety, and as he tried to make his way inside a female staffer blocked him, and then, with all his might, he unloaded a thunderous punch to her face.

The crowd clearly had enough, tackling the guy and taking him to the ground.

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Nicholas was arrested by the cops and charged with battery and disturbing the peace. He’s still in custody.



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